Best Bluetooth Speakers With Radio


Bluetooth speakers are wireless speakers that let you access the audio content from your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can control what you listen to from anywhere within range of the speakers. You don’t have to ever be without the remedying effects of your music no matter where you go, thanks to the advancement of Bluetooth technology.

Although they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, Bluetooth speakers essentially work in the same way, whereby the Bluetooth wireless technology allows communication between two devices – in this case, your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device and your speaker.

Pairing or connecting your device to your Bluetooth speakers is a simple process that you only need to do once, as most Bluetooth speakers will recall and recognize your phone when it is within range. This means that after the initial pairing, you just have to turn on the speaker, and you’re good to go.

Although Bluetooth speakers are wireless, they still need power for their built-in amplifier. If portability is what you want, then consider getting speakers with a built-in rechargeable battery rather than the ones that need to stay plugged into a wall outlet. Bluetooth speakers offer a great way to enjoy the media available on basically any Bluetooth-enabled device without being bogged down by wires.


Simpovel V8 Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

The Simpowel V8 is perhaps the most impressive Bluetooth speaker with a radio on the market right now. It’s certainly first on our list for a reason!

In addition to Bluetooth, this speaker supports a wide array of sources for your audio such as NFC (Near-Field Communication) which allows you to connect two devices by simply bringing them close together and a Micro SD that supports up to a 32Gb card. Note that the speaker’s name was changed from Polaris to Simpowel in December 2016.

This speaker was built for excellent sound, and it has a rechargeable, removable battery that gives upward of 12 hours of playback on just 2 hours of charging.

You can tune in between 87.5 – 108 MHz on the FM dial. The reception on this Bluetooth speaker is great, and it has auto-scan functionality. All in all, this speaker is well-built, with a durable rubber exterior.

It’s a great, versatile speaker with amazing features including a feature to memorize the last played radio channel in FM mode. It has a stylish appearance and a modern design coupled with an easy operation which makes this speaker one of the best Bluetooth speakers with the radio on the market right now.

Use it once, and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this speaker. You’ll want to take it everywhere with you – and with a weight of just 1.4lbs (650g), there’s no reason why you can’t!


  • Soundcard function via USB
  • Change memory function, direct writing and reading the Micro SD card via USB
  • Easy to get and replace Li-ion battery, which means that you don’t have to throw away your speaker when the battery gives out


  • The price is quite high compared to other similar speakers (although you are getting the quality you’re paying for)
  • Sound quality and volume are a little lower when playing in the Bluetooth or line-in mode
  • Crude navigation with only next and back buttons when selecting songs
  • The speaker would be better with a small LCD display with MP3 track navigation and info display


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Antimi Bluetooth Speaker with Radio Tuner

This is an amazing speaker for the price. Antimi Bluetooth speaker easily connects to your device, and after connecting, the battery capacity of your speaker can be seen immediately on your device.

It has a practical number key, and in the TF card mode, you can quickly choose the music that you want by pressing the song number. The FM radio on this Bluetooth speaker performs great, and the sound quality is crisp and clear.

Being able to use the micro SD card to play your music is an added advantage, and it means that you can have even more music to choose from.

The speaker charges easily and quickly, but gives an amazingly long battery life of about 12 hours – although this does vary according to volume setting among other things. It also has a built-in mic for hands-free calls and comes excellently packaged to avoid any damage during shipping.

Bottom line, this is a very attractive speaker with good audio, all at a very reasonable price. It takes the second spot on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers with radio.


  • Great sound, small footprint
  • Considering how small this device is, it gives really superior audio, even at full volume
  • Memorizes last played soundtrack on MP3 mode
  • Has an 18-month warranty as well as a 30-day hassle-free return policy and prompt customer service


  • Talks to you every time you change a setting – some people find this annoying
  • Bass isn’t as ‘enhanced’ as advertised, and it could be better


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Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System and Radio by Soultech

This wireless speaker from Soultech easily outperforms all the other speakers in its category when it comes to sound quality.

You could easily spend hundreds of dollars and still not get anything close to the power and audio quality that this speaker provides. The vibrant, powerful 3D sounds will make anything that you listen to sound amazing.

Inside this compact shell are two premium full-range speakers that create crisp highs and balanced mid tunes, as well as 2 large bass drivers which are combined with a bass reflex system to produce the most dynamic bass sound that you will ever hear from any Bluetooth radio speaker around! We know because we’ve looked!

Easy set up means that you’re paired up and ready to go at the touch of a button. The controls are also very easy to use. Connect your Brilliant Soul speaker to any Bluetooth-enabled device within 30 feet and control the music either remotely or by using the touch buttons on top of the speaker unit.

You just don’t expect a speaker that sounds as good as this one does to look this great, too, but it does. The perforated metal grill, simple shape, and smooth curves make this speaker an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space or room.


  • Half the price, and twice as good as many ‘top’ speakers on the market
  • Sleek design blends in well with most decor


  • A bit bigger than usual Bluetooth speakers


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iFox iF010 Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio Tuner

The FM radio on this speaker isn’t just for show, it actually works very well. You can put in the aux line-in cable which doubles as an antenna to boost the signal, which greatly enhances the reception when you search for stations.

You’ll get a lot of stations with the ‘antenna’ plugged in. Use the play/pause button to scan the local stations. The speaker gives good reception with clean, static-free audio. When you find your favorite stations, the speaker saves them, which means that you don’t have to search each and every time you want to listen to the radio.

The iF010 audio is amazing for a speaker its size and price, but the depth of the sound will not astound you. As both a wireless speaker and a radio device, the iFox iF010 brings solid performance to the table.

Everyone loves this versatile, tiny device with multiple uses. It makes a great gift for kids who want to listen to music or audio-books. It’s small enough to fit right in those tiny hands, and at its price, it will easily fit into your budget, too. No doubt it deserves to be on this list of the best Bluetooth speakers with radio.

The Bluetooth connectivity of this speaker is very strong. You can also play music off a micro SD card as well.

It has all of the usual functions that we’ve come to expect from Bluetooth speakers in its category like speakerphone capability over Bluetooth, which means that you can take an incoming call straight from the speaker without having to disconnect.

You can even use the speaker for a group call with everyone sitting around it! The battery lasts for 6 hours on a full charge, as reported.


  • 12-month warranty affords peace of mind – in case it stops working, you can get a refund or replacement
  • Bluetooth, SD card, FM radio playback options make for ease of use when playing music
  • Very good FM reception


  • No readout for radio frequency


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Anker SoundCore Mini

The FM radio performs great and delivers clean audio. It catches the stations very fast and plays the music without any static. Connect the micro USB cable to the speaker and use it as an antenna for much better FM reception.

The Anker SoundCore Mini is a great speaker that’s a joy to listen to. At its price, it’s well worth every penny for the sound quality that you get.

There’s no distortion of sound at high volume, or bleeding of bass into mids – this compact but powerful speaker has a meaty bass which underscores all kinds of music very well.

With a 66 feet Bluetooth range, you can control the music from virtually anywhere in your house. This speaker also has an SD card slot which can take a 32Gb card with MP3, WMA and WAV formats.

You can fall back to the old ways of connecting your music to your speaker through wires. There is an auxiliary port for that reason if you wish to do so.

The speaker chugs out an impressive 15 hours of playback on a full charge! It also has an auto-sleep function which is very handy for saving your battery power.

The speaker powers down the unit after it’s been idle for a few minutes. The Anker SoundCore Mini is available in stylish and sleek colors like grey, black, gold and muted pink – there’s one to suit every taste. This speaker is as good as it gets at this price.


  • Bluetooth, SD card, FM playback options
  • Smart controls which make for ease of use
  • The microphone also accepts voice commands from Siri, Google Voice, and so on – activated by pressing and holding the play button


  • No FM dial
  • Battery playtime


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Don’t let the size of the EasyAcc mini Bluetooth speaker with radio fool you. The speaker is small, but it never sounds tinny.

When you use it on a desk there’s no need to go beyond 50% volume for personal use. It can even be heard easily in a mid-sized room. There isn’t much sub-bass extension, but the speakers do have a lot of bass presence for their size.

No muddy-sounding guitars and vocals – the range of audio are full, and there is no bite at low volumes due to the top frequencies having been smoothed out – which may annoy some people.

All in all, the EasyAcc Bluetooth speaker with radio gives good quality sound output at a really affordable price. This cup-sized device is deceptively powerful and has some really impressive specs on paper and doesn’t disappoint in 3D.

It’s small, stylish and fits into your bag or pocket easily, which makes traveling lighter and more fashionable. This speaker takes portability to a whole new level. The battery offers about 5 hours of play time.

The package that comes with the mini speaker also contains a micro USB charging cable, a 3.5mm stereo audio cable, and a user’s manual.

Far and away one of the best Bluetooth speakers with the radio when compared to others that are the same size or price.


  • Good sound for such a small speaker
  • Full audio range with no distortion
  • 6-7 hours battery life
  • Bluetooth, FM and SD card playback
  • Speakerphone equipped


  • No battery level or mode indicator
  • Can be a probblem setting it up for some people


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Portable Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio by Soundance

This rectangular speaker by Soundance has an interesting design and many features. In addition to being an FM radio, it also functions as an alarm clock among other things.

This speaker is great for multi-tasking not only as a bedside radio but also a bed-side alarm clock. It also has a built-in microphone so when you connect it to a phone via Bluetooth, you can take your calls hands-free.

The sound quality is very satisfying for all kinds of music you could think to play on this portable speaker.

Another amazing feature of the Soundance Portable stereo Bluetooth speaker is that it can connect to any Bluetooth device within 35 feet which makes it more than ideal for social gatherings.

With a weight of under 1 pound (a little under half a kg) this speaker from Soundance is super portable with a shape that fits nicely into your hand. It’s quite easy to use, although the clock could be tricky for some – in which case, keep the manual handy,

The speaker holds a charge very well, considering its size. A full charge of the battery gives you just over 8 hours of continuous play time.

Connectivity is super quick and most devices can pair with it in a matter of a few seconds. The speaker comes with the normal accessories and features like the aux cord, USB port, and the SD port.

Certainly deserves a spot on the list as one of the best Bluetooth speakers with radio. Great quality and design for the price.


  • Build quality feels very nice
  • Bluetooth range of up to 35 feet
  • Over 8 hours of playtime
  • LED display clock and alarm which makes this speaker one of the most complete on the market


  • No power cord
  • 24-hour format only
  • No weekday alarm


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Avantree 3-in-1 Portable FM Radio

The Avantree Bluetooth speaker with FM radio is not an audiophile speaker, but it gives a good sound with a decent bass and crystal clear and crisp vocals.

The FM radio is the major functionality of this speaker and it catches good receptions and sounds very clear with no static. It scans for local stations automatically and programs the stations down to different channels. When you type in the channel number, it pulls up the frequency assigned to that channel. Talk about ease of use!

You can use the play button to mute the radio and the screen on the player and menu button for navigating through the folders of whichever device is connected to the Bluetooth speaker.

In addition to connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth, you can also use the SD card to play music or you can connect a device to the 3.5mm port.

Bluetooth connection is a smooth and easy process. Devices pair instantly. This is a sturdy, reliable speaker which gives great value for money at its price. You won’t be able to get enough of this speaker.

All its functions work very well and there isn’t much negative to say about it. It’s right at home on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers with radio.


  • Decent audio with good FM reception
  • Bluetooth, SD card, FM playback
  • Attached loop is handy for attaching the speaker to backpacks or hanging it from hooks


  • There is no external antenna
  • Radio stutters a little when indoors
  • The sound is not stereo but it’s still very good
  • Receiving calls while the phone is paired with this speaker can be a little confusing and takes some getting used to


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Affordable and high-quality wireless speakers aren’t as common as you would think. That’s why this Bluetooth speaker with radio from ZOEE is a rare gem that deserves a spot on our list of 10 of the best Bluetooth speakers with radio.

If you’re like most of us, you want great sound quality without having to spend outrageous amounts of money for it. This speaker is perfect for you.

It has a durable build, gives good sound quality and is in a price range that most will find affordable. The ZOEE S1 has some people doubting its quality due to its cheap price, but taking a closer look at the speaker’s design features and audio quality, we’ve come to the honest conclusion that even though the speaker doesn’t look unique at first glance, it does have quite a lot going for it.

For example, it’s very portable at only 7 inches wide, 1.7 inches deep and 2.5 inches tall. It only weighs 12 ounces (less than 350g) which makes it really great on the go.

So is it worth your time and money or should you stay away from it? Well, we think that for its price, it’s a pretty good speaker with decent audio.

It’s made almost entirely of plastic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because when the speaker manufacturers use metal or other higher grade materials, this usually drives up the cost of the speaker.

It still has a pretty solid feel to it, and it doesn’t give the impression of being cheap when you handle it. It has a pretty simple layout, with all the usual functions that you expect in a Bluetooth speaker with radio.


  • Easy to use, and comes with a simple to follow manual
  • Budget-friendly option that still offers good value for money
  • Packed with features that compete with other speakers twice its price


  • Not for someone looking for great sound quality
  • Battery


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Soundance 12W Radio Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

Another Soundance speaker that comes with HD sound digital LED display of the date, time and temperature. Its two powerful 12W speakers and enhanced bass resonator ensure that this speaker has premium sound with a deep bass.

It uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology which helps you to connect wirelessly for up to 50 feet away! This means that you can control your music from the other end of your house!

Convenient, built-in microphone for hands-free calls. The Soundance Bluetooth speaker with radio also multi-functions as an alarm clock and thermometer. You can play music from any device using Bluetooth, micro SD card/TF card, USB memory card or using the 3.5mm aux cable input.

The FM radio function comes with a big screen LED screen which clearly displays the date and time in both 12hr and 24hr format.

Its brightness is adjustable to 3 levels, and the temperature display can be changed from Celcius to Fahrenheit.

The design of the radio alarm clock speaker from Soundance is neat and aesthetic and comes with an aluminum case. It has a battery that is rechargeable and supports up to 12 hours of playtime on just one full charge.


  • Big LED screen clearly shows date and time
  • Functions as an alarm clock
  • FM radio with auto searching from 87.5 – 108 MHZ


  • Doesn’t come with a cord and plug to charge
  • Radiofrequency gets static if you touch it or go near it

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Why should I buy a Bluetooth speaker with radio?

Quite simply, a Bluetooth speaker with radio is the most versatile speaker that you can own. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting one:


Bluetooth speakers are convenient for listening to your favorite tunes or other audio content without having to dock your smartphone. With all the high-quality affordable Bluetooth speakers on the market right now, there is absolutely no reason to make do with the inadequate sound from your smartphone or tablet.

Great for sharing your music with others

Rather than keeping the music to yourself by using earphones, you can let others in on the experience. Plus, this lets you safely listen to your music for as long as you want to – something that isn’t recommended when using earphones.


Most of the Bluetooth speakers are portable, which means it’s easy to take them to the park or the beach, and the music will keep playing as long as the battery stands out. They can bring full-range audio to any room in your house that doesn’t have a stereo system without taking up too much space.


Bluetooth speakers are mostly designed to be sturdy so as to be carried anywhere. Most Bluetooth speakers are waterproof or spray-resistant, shockproof, dust-proof and temperature-proof. They will keep going in any environment that you put them in, unlike normal speakers which tend to get damaged easily.

Use them for hands-free calling

Some models of Bluetooth speakers have built-in mics so you can take calls even when your hands are full.


Last, but certainly not least, the radio has some exciting music shows and talk shows – or if you just want someone to create your playlist and play it for you, then a Bluetooth speaker with radio is the way to go.

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What features to compare when shopping for Bluetooth Speaker with Radio?

No one speaker is the end-all solution to everyone’s wireless music needs, but it’s easy to make the best choice when you consider the features that you want in your speaker.

When you consider what your needs are, then it helps to narrow down the search tremendously – especially when you consider that Bluetooth speakers with radio are everywhere these days, and gaining in popularity for in-home use with each passing day.

It can be hard to tell the difference between the ones that are worth your time and the ones you should stay away from. Here is what you should consider when looking for the best Bluetooth speakers with radio:


Keep in mind where you are going to be using the speaker. There are models to suit all particular lifestyle and audio needs. Choosing from waterproof, shockproof, temperature-proof speakers may be unnecessary for you if you intend to use your speaker for light home use only.

On the other hand, maybe you want a speaker that can survive rainstorms and be dropped from great heights by your camping buddies.


Sound quality is of the utmost importance, obviously. You need a speaker that will retain power and depth of sound, and won’t get distorted at high volumes.


Since this is a major part of why you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker in the first place, we’ve selected ones with great reception, easy cruising between the stations, and, because we are in the age of the internet, (and also because AM/FM may be obsolete in a few years) we made sure that they have good internet radios.

Size matters

You need a speaker that is portable and easy to carry, not one that is too heavy or bulky.

Battery life

Since you will probably be using this product a lot in places like the park or the beach, where the chances of getting electricity are next to nil, you’ll want a speaker that has a long battery life. Preferably get one with an LED indicator to let you know the status of the battery.


Price is another thing to consider, although most of the speakers in this niche come at a relatively low price and give great value for money.


The best Bluetooth speakers with a radio on the market come with a number of very useful features like clocks, alarms, phone dock, remote control Airplay and so on. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of speakers on the market. Even a simple online search brings up a tidal wave of units.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Bluetooth speakers with a radio on the market to narrow down your search and help you make the right choice.

9.5 Total Score
Our Pick: Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio by Simpowel

This Simpowel speaker was built for excellent sound, and it has a rechargeable, removable battery that gives upward of 12 hours of playback on just 2 hours of charging. You can tune in between 87.5 - 108 MHz on the FM dial. The reception on this Bluetooth speaker is great, and it has auto-scan functionality. All in all, this speaker is well-built, with a durable rubber exterior.

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