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You may want to buy a music system that will give you the meatiest sound, but you find that you do not have space or money to buy big speakers or an inclination for a set of floor-standers.

This is why it is important to discuss the alternatives you can turn to in such a situation, and bookshelf stereo systems are one of the best options you will have. They are small in size and cheaper than other big speakers, and they offer you pretty exciting listening experience – but be sure to check out our list of best bookshelf speakers too.

Recommended Bookshelf Stereo Systems

Our Pick: Bose Wave Sound Touch Music System IV

What we like: Reliable Wi-Fi performance

Not so much: Does not have multi-disc changer

Enjoy the world of music with this Bose wave sound touch. Use it to stream hundred of thousand of songs from music services like Deezer and Spotify, as well as hundreds of online radio stations. It is an improved version of system iii and comes with improved Wi-Fi performance and an enhanced connection to other Bluetooth devices. It is best suited for use by people who like to move with technology due to the enhanced technology that comes with it. It comes with a slim infrared remote when buying it.

This product works with Alexa for voice control, which helps you to control the volume of your speakers using your voice. This is an important feature, especially for visually impaired persons, since it helps them control this system with ease.

The product connects well with the home Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth devices. This is a quite useful feature because it helps you to enjoy all music available online, the music on your phone or tablet, as well as listen to internet radios.

Its speakers are made with Bose waveguide technology, which gives you a lifelike, room-filling sound. These speakers connect to the device wirelessly through Bluetooth. If you’re thinking of buying wireless bookshelf speakers, then this might be the best product for you.

It uses a free app, which enables you to transform your phone into remote music control. In this way, you have no worry even when your remote goes missing.

Another useful, exciting feature of this product is its alarm system, which has a dual independent alarm. This is useful when you and your partner need to set the alarm to wake you up at different times.

Yamaha MCR-B043BL Bookshelf Stereo System

What we like: Excellent FM sensitivity, An onboard USB port for mobile phone charging

Not so much: Poor CD player system that is slow to load and slow ejecting

This great-sounding micro component system features Yamaha design accents and moto-inspired colors. This MCR-B043BL is exceptionally versatile and allows you to listen to your favorite music from your CDs, music library in your phone, tablet or computer, AM/FM radio, and from USB sources. This new model of Yamaha MCR-B043BL is made of hard, durable plastic material, unlike the older version, which was encased in metal. This system is suitable for people who want a music system to put in a small room. If you want to place it is a big room, you will need to buy an external speaker to boost the system’s speakers. It comes with a remote and its two detachable speakers.

One of the features we find to be useful in this product is its Bluetooth wireless streaming, which enables you to listen to music and internet radio by steaming them on your iPad or tablet, hence offering you a limitless world of music entertainment.

If you are using your phone or any other android device to stream music, you don’t need to worry if its battery is running low. This product has an onboard USB port, which allows you to connect and listen to music from any USB device as well as charging your phone and iPad and other android devices.

Another fantastic feature of MCR-B043BL is its comprehensive and dynamic compact system. This system allows you to adjust volume while producing a more detailed and fuller sound. In this way, you can increase instrumental clarity and timber, which is useful, especially when listening to soft music.

Sharp CD-BH950 Bookshelf Stereo

What we like: Multi-disc changer, allows Bluetooth streaming

Not so much: Cannot output music to Bluetooth speakers, only through Bluetooth input

This Sharp Speaker features a CD changer, a cassette, radio, and digital player, which gives you a diversity of entertainment selections to listen to. The digital FM / AM tuner comes with 40 presets, which enables you to set your favorite channel with just a touch of a single button. This new Sharp CD-BH950 comes with an increased number of CD trays from the previous one, which had three CD trays to give you longer hours for listening to music. It is suitable for use by older people who have still kept cassettes for that early classical music and those who like to play music for long hours. It comes with headphones that you can use to listen to music from this system.

If you play music for long hours, you need to change the CD after a few minutes or a few hours. But this product solves that problem. It has classic 5-CD trays, a cassette tape tray. The five CDs can play automatically from the first to the fifth one.

If your budget is not enough to buy a device that connects to Wi-Fi and allows streaming, you do not need to worry. The Bluetooth streaming feature of this product enables you to stream music from your Apple and Android devices.

It also has excellent connectivity to FM/AM radio using its digital tuner. This would be very useful when you want to listen to music and radio programs, from a local station.

I find its 2 x 5.12″ woofer suitable for those who would like speakers that deliver deep and high-performance sound. With these speakers you don’t need to buy external speakers to boost your system’s performance, hence saving from extra spending.

Sony CMTSBT100 Bookshelf System

What we like: Economical when it comes to power usage, Sleeping and a play timer, Easy to operate

Not so much: CD reading and response is slow

Enjoy your music wirelessly using Bluetooth with a single touch NFC and beautify your room with a full feature of compact FM/AM/CD1 music system. Sony CMTSBT100 uses sonny’s S-Master amplifier to power its dual 2-ways bass reflex speakers. Compared to its older model and other similar products in the market, Sony CMTSBT100 comes with improved technology that allows Bluetooth streaming. With this product, you can forget the wire and do streaming from your smartphone and play it on your speaker wirelessly. If you are incurring a high electricity bill and you would like to lower that bill, this product might help you do that since it does not require much power to run it compared to other similar products in the market.

One of the beneficial features I find in this product is its convenient one-touch listening with NFC. This feature enables you to stream audios like music from your tablet or smartphone to your Sony CMTSBT100 speakers.

The music system you place in your home or office also acts as a decollation to your room. For such a purpose, I find this product useful. It has a classic design that makes the room look beautiful.

It also has a powerful and dynamic sound, which gives you a lifelike room-filled sound. This gives you a thrilling listening experience, just like big speakers can offer.

It also has Bluetooth wireless connectivity with NFC, which makes pairing it with other Bluetooth devices much more straightforward. This widens the bracket of the devices you can use to play music using this system.


What we like: Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, Produce powerful sound suitable for large rooms or halls

Not so much: Speakers get damaged quickly

LG CM4590 provides a commanding 700 watts of audio to give you the best booming tune in your room. Enjoy listening to your compact discs with its CD player and music from your music library in your phone through its Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with an improved output of up to 700W, which makes it perform better than its previous model. It also comes with an auto DJ system that eliminates gaps between songs. This makes it more competitive in the market compared to other similar products. It is best suitable for someone who a bookshelf system for a big room or a place like a garage.

One of the reasons we like about this LG CM4590 is its Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to connect your speaker with your phone or HDTV wirelessly, thus, reducing the cable clutter behind your television. This feature also allows you to do streaming using any compatible device, which gives you a seamless listening experience.

One of the best features I find in this system is its dual USB system, which enables you to insert two USB devices at the same time to enhance its convenience. This system also allows you to transfer files from one USB device to another.

Another feature that you may like in this product is its auto DJ system, which I find fantastic since it enables it to play music continuously without having gaps between songs, just like the real DJ does. With this system, you don’t need to hire a DJ at your party. It can help serve that purpose.

Toshiba TY-ASW91 Bookshelf Stereo System

What we like: Excellent FM reception, Allows streaming using its Bluetooth connection

Not so much: Poorly installed CD player system that loads slowly and make noise when playing CDs

Enjoy your world of music with Toshiba TY-ASW91 Micro Component Speaker System using its premium audio speakers, which gives you a professional bass and high-quality sound. Its multimedia player will allow you to connect or insert a variety of music or audio devices and control them using a single remote. Compared with its previous version, this Toshiba TY-ASW91 model comes with improved sleek design technology, which integrates your entertainment systems seamlessly. It is best preferable for someone who would like a system he can carry around due to its small and portable size.

One of the fantastic features of Toshiba TY-ASW91 is its multimedia player, which allows you to connect with medium or play multiple mediums. You can play a CD with this system, tune in to FM radio, insert a USB device, or stream music using Bluetooth on your smartphone.

One of the things we like about this system, and hopefully, you will also like it is that it is compact and portable. You can carry it around and enjoy your music wherever you are. Either at a party or a pic-nick or to the beach.

Another useful feature of this product is its remote-control technology, which is easy to use. This helps you to operate your system without having to leave your comfortable spot. You can easily switch from streaming music via Bluetooth, to your CD or tune to your favorite FM radio by the touch of a button.

This product comes with sleek design technology that seamlessly integrates your entertainment center. With this technology, you can connect it to your home theater, HDTV, and other music systems you might be having.

Jensen JBS-200

What we like: Easy to set up and operate, Small in size hence easily portable

Not so much: Cheaply built

Listen to your music wirelessly using Jensen JBS-200 Bluetooth connectivity. You can play your CDs using its excellent CD player system. It has a sleek design the makes it integrate other entertainment devices in your office or home seamlessly. Along with its Bluetooth connectivity and CD player, it also has good reception of AM/FM radio stations with a multi-function blue backlit LCD. This system also features remote control and 2 x 2 watts power output. One of the major improvements of this model from its previous version is its sleek design for seamless integration of your music system. It preferable for people looking for a music system for their small room or office. It comes with its 120v AC adaptor which is used to power it.

Sometimes you would like to listen to music as you relax in bed before sleeping. To avoid your system from playing music after sleeping, you can use its clock that has a sleep timer to set the time when you would like it to stop play music.

It also has Bluetooth wireless connectivity with NFC, which makes pairing it with other Bluetooth devices much more straightforward. This widens the bracket of the devices you can use to play music using this system.

Another feature I find useful is its traditional sleek design, which enables you, as the user, to integrate other entertainment devices seamlessly and operate them using a single remote.

When listening to smooth classical music, which at times gets quite soft, you need a system that plays music silently without spinning noise. This product has an excellent CD player system that plays CDs silently without spinning noise out.

Jensen JBS-200 has the ability to supports A2DP, GAVDP, AVRCP, GAP. This ability increases the number and the type of devices that can be connected to it via Bluetooth. Thus, enhancing its convenience.

Sharp CD-BH20(BK) Bookshelf System

What we like: Compact, Easy to operate, Great for under $100

Not so much: Lousy Bluetooth is and get broken quickly

This is an elegant modern micro component speaker from Sharp, installed with Bluetooth wireless connectivity to allow streaming. It also a USB port to enable USB connectivity and CD player, which can connect and play MP3/CD-R/CD-RW. Enjoy its super bass, which gives you a powerful deep bass, thus, making it suitable for indoor use. This Sharp system comes with an improved LED display system compared to its previous version, which bright enough for proper visibility. It also has an exceptional quality of bass sound, making it more preferable than other similar products in the market. It is best suitable for use in a small room since it doesn’t have high volume speakers. It comes with a remote and batteries for the smooth operation of the system.

If you are looking for a bookshelf system that will make your room look beautiful, you should consider this product. It comes with a beautiful black oak finish, which makes it more durable and gives it an elegant look when placed on a shelf either at home or in the office.

Another useful feature is its Bluetooth streaming, which is compatible with apple and android devices. This enables you to listen to thousands of music available online, as well as listening to hundreds of internet radios.

This product has a CD player and USB port for more convenience and excellent connectivity to AM /FM radio, which gives you a variety of music you can listen to.

Another feature I find useful is its bass, which is enhanced with X-bass, which makes you feel the bass all over the room. This gives you great beats for your programmed playback.

Benefits and Advantages of Bookshelf Stereo System

They are small in size

One of the most significant benefits that bookshelf stereo systems have is their small size, which makes it easy for you to find a place for them in your home or office. They take a little space making it easy for you to mount them on a wall, place them on a table, or even, as their name suggests, place then on a shelf. Therefore, if you are looking for a music system that will not consume much of the space in your room, then a bookshelf stereo system will be suitable for you.

Easily integrated into home theater setups

With today’s technology bookshelf stereo system are manufactured with enhanced technology like the sleek design, which enables it to connect with other music systems and control them using a single remote. This ability helps to enhance the final performance of your entertainment system.

Power output

Another benefit of a bookshelf stereo system is its power output. Although they are small in size, they are made of derives which offer an extended and deep bass, mid-range of high quality, as well as discernible and sharp highs.

Bluetooth connectivity

With the advancing technology, most bookshelf stereo systems today can connect to Bluetooth devices like smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and laptops. This increases their preference as listeners can connect it to Bluetooth using any of these devices and stream music online and listen to their favorite internet radio.

They have improved versatility

Most of the bookshelf stereo system comes with an in-built USB input, which enhances their convenient and allow file transfer, including recording music form USB devices. They can also be used to play CDs, tune to FM/AM radio stations and connect them to your TV system.

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