Denon Receivers Troubleshooting [Causes & Fixes]

Denon Receivers Troubleshooting

[alert type=white] Most common Denon receivers issues If you can’t turn on your Denon receiver, disconnect the power and push + hold the “Direct” &”Stereo” keys while reconnecting the power chord. If you have issues with the audio, check that all chords are correctly inserted. For issues with controls, ensure the input setting on the … Read more

How to Set Up a Denon Receiver [STEPS]

Denon Receivers Troubleshooting

[alert type=white] To set up a Denon receiver, first, link your Denon receiver’s first HDMI input to your satellite box’s or cable’s output using an HD cable before connecting the second HDMI input to the DVD player’s HDMI output. Then connect the speakers to the different terminals on the receiver before linking the receiver’s Audyssey … Read more

How to Connect Amazon Echo (Alexa) to Onkyo Receiver

Denon Receivers Troubleshooting

[alert type=white] There are two different ways for you to connect the Amazon Echo to your Onkyo receiver. The 1st is via an analog connection that entails the use of a 3.5 mm audio port on your Amazon Echo with an appropriate 3.5mm cable. The other method involves the use of Alexa app via Bluetooth … Read more

How Do You Reset An Onkyo Receiver?[Stereo and AV]

How do you factory reset an Onkyo receiver

[alert type=white] How do you factory reset an Onkyo AV and stereo receiver? To reset an Onkyo AV receiver, press the [STANDBY/ON] on the main unit while holding down [CBL/SAT]. The word “Clear” will appear on the screen and the receiver will go into standby mode. Source. On the other hand, if you’re trying to … Read more

Onkyo Receiver Not Making Any Sound? [Possible Causes & Fixes]

Denon Receivers Troubleshooting

[alert type=white] Why is my Onkyo receiver not making any sound? Low power, incorrect source selection, unconnected or damaged speaker connections, broken speakers, or a defective source component are the most common causes of Onkyo receivers not making any sound. Check and fix the power, source selection, speaker wiring, and source components individually to see … Read more

Stereo receiver vs AV receiver [Explained]

Denon Receivers Troubleshooting

If you’re in the market, what is the best choice: AV receiver or stereo receiver? Looking at the hundreds of choices, balancing them against your budget, and worrying about whether you will end up regretting your decision can grind things to a halt. The best way to tackle this is by addressing your specific needs. … Read more

How to connect a subwoofer to the receiver without subwoofer output?

Denon Receivers Troubleshooting

[alert type=white ] How to connect subwoofer to receiver without subwoofer output? Subwoofers with no speaker-level inputs can be connected to a receiver with no sub out through a line-level converter via “Y” type or male-male RCA connectors. On the other hand, a subwoofer with speaker-level inputs can be directly connected to the receiver on … Read more

How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo receiver [STEPS]

Denon Receivers Troubleshooting

If you’ve ever wondered how to connect a subwoofer to a stereo receiver? If you have a brand new shiny subwoofer that is just crying out for some tinkering or just seeing what it’s like to set something like this up, then this is for you. With any new setup, it’s good to know what … Read more

Where to Place a Subwoofer (3 TIPS)

Where to Place a Subwoofer

You’re sitting in your home listening to your favorite music. The song is great, but there is something strange, like the lower frequencies of the sound are not quite right. Fiddling with the equalization controls won’t quite do the trick. Do you struggle with this feeling that it’s almost perfect, but something’s missing? Maybe it’s … Read more