WD Elements vs My Book [Comparison]

WD Elements vs. My Book

We have come a long way in terms of data generation, processing, and handling. Today, a pocket-size 1-TB external hard drive can store the data of almost 754297 standard 3.5” floppy disks (yes, you read that right). If you are looking for a top-quality external hard drive and confused due to WD Elements vs. My … Read more

WD Elements vs. My Passport [Comparison]

WD Elements vs. My Passport

Although WD My Passport has a slight edge over WD Elements, you should know about all their features in a comparative sense for making the right decision to fulfill your external storage requirements. If you are sitting on the fence in the debate of WD Elements vs. My Passport, read our comparative review. Also: See … Read more

WD Elements Vs Easystore [Comparison]

WD Elements Vs Easystore

Western Digital is one of the most notable and trustworthy brands in the digital storage niche. They have been around for years and are known for the reliability of their products. Easystore and Elements are two popular choices from this manufacturer and serve the same clientele looking for a fast external hard drive. These are … Read more

Best Retro and Vintage Looking Headphones [Old School Look]

Best Retro and Vintage Looking Headphones

In this article, we’re going to talk about the top retro and vintage-styled headphones in the market right now. All these headphones are great in terms of design, specs, and overall value. So, sit back, relax, and read this article till the end if you want to find the perfect pair of headphones for yourself. … Read more

Best Vintage Retro Looking Keyboards [Typewriter & Mechanical]

Best Vintage Looking Keyboards

The Azio retro-looking keyboard is my favorite. It’s true that it is one of the pricer vintage keyboard models, but I think you really get what you pay for it. Having multiple options for how it looks (wood or leather) means it can fit many different style choices, and it has a lot of modern … Read more

KEF Q100 vs. Q150: A Bookshelf Speaker Faceoff

KEF Q100 vs Q150 bookshelf

Want to invest in a bookshelf speaker that offers a wholesome stereo experience without overwhelming your space and breaking your bank? In this KEF Q100 vs. Q150 comparison review, we will be discussing two of the most suitable bookshelf speaker options available in the market right now. While KEF Q150 has the edge over Q100 … Read more

Best Retro Coffee Makers [Vintage Style]

Creating the perfect retro kitchen aesthetic really comes down to the details and an often overlooked detail is the coffee maker. What if we told you that you can have the retro coffee maker of dreams without sacrificing any modern-day features or conveniences? It’s time to say goodbye to your standard Mr. Coffee machine and … Read more

Cambridge Audio VS Marantz [Comparing amplifiers]

Cambridge Audio VS Marantz

Cambridge Audio is a company that manufactures its products in the United Kingdom while Marantz is one of the Japanese HiFi giants. Both companies have been around for a long time and have a solid reputation for producing quality gear. We are going to compare an integrated amplifier from both manufacturers and see who comes … Read more

NAD vs Marantz [Integrated amplifiers compared]

NAD vs Marantz

NAD is an audio company that was founded in the ’70s in England. Perhaps their most famous release was the NAD 3020 in the late ’70s which is an integrated amplifier and they have only got better ever since. Marantz also builds great integrated amplifiers out of Japan lets compare these companies to see which … Read more

Onkyo vs Marantz [A Comparison of AV Receivers]

Onkyo vs Marantz compared

Onkyo and Marantz both manufacturing quality HiFi equipment including some pretty awesome receivers. As with any mid-tier gear, there are some features that make certain products stand out from others as well as downfalls so we have compiled a comparison between Onkyo and Marantz to help define these differences. Also, see these other comparisons Onkyo vs … Read more