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Cambridge Audio is a company that manufactures its products in the United Kingdom while Marantz is one of the Japanese HiFi giants. Both companies have been around for a long time and have a solid reputation for producing quality gear. We are going to compare an integrated amplifier from both manufacturers and see who comes out on top.

Cambridge Audio VS Marantz  – Integrated Amplifiers

Cambridge Audio CXA61 VS Marantz PM6006


The extra features of the CXA61 such as Bluetooth and preamp outs make it hard to look past but at the end of the day, you buy an amplifier for its sonic character. Both amps have an awesome sound that boils down to personal taste and if you can go without Bluetooth and love a balanced sound then you may prefer the Marantz PM6006.

Build quality

These integrated amplifiers are both alluring in their own way. The PM6006 looks like a classic Marantz product and is perhaps a little busier than the CXA61 but that also means that its front controls are easier to use and may even suit certain spaces better or for those that want to show off their easily recognizable home audio gear.

The Cambridge Audio CXA61 has a more unique appearance with a faceplate that gives a floating appearance.

Either device has quality internal structures and comes with an ample 3-year warranty that you would be unlikely to use from either supplier.


These integrated amps share a couple of great features such as A/B speaker switching and built-in DACs for digital audio sources as well as phono input for use with a turntable. They also differ in a few different areas which would likely be the defining choice when making your selection between these two amplifiers.

The Cambridge Audio CXA61 comes equipped with a pre-out and sub-out which the PM6006 does not have. This means that the AXR100 is better suited for a larger and more complex home audio setup. The AXR100 also comes with Bluetooth, making it more diverse in input choice than its competitor also.

The Marantz has a source direct mode to bypass the amp to get the purest sound from your analog sources as possible.


The CXA61 has a punchy tone that can still handle the delicate intricacies of softer music. It has an upbeat and forward presentation with a decent amount of space and comforting warmth.

The PM6006 has full-bodied easy listening that is tonally balanced enough to keep audio purists happy. The dynamics are nothing to be dismissed either, with enough drive to remain engaging without stealing focus. The CXA61 is rated at 60w @8ohms per channel while the other is rated at 90w.

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