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The Azio retro-looking keyboard is my favorite. It’s true that it is one of the pricer vintage keyboard models, but I think you really get what you pay for it. Having multiple options for how it looks (wood or leather) means it can fit many different style choices, and it has a lot of modern amenities to go with the old fashion feel.

Hopefully, this has helped you know where to start. Though I have a favorite, they are all good keyboards, and they all have the option to be a great fit for you.

In particular, it could help to know whether you’d rather have a classic, typewriter, or gaming style as that puts you in different keyboards here. But none of these at all would be bad choices. Only you know what would fit you best.

Azio Retro Classic Vintage Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

About This Keyboard: This retro keyboard is a mix of wood or leather and a typewriter. This gives a unique feel to the classic typewriter, while still having modern luxuries as promised.

What We Like: This comes in various colors. This is one of the few backlit options. for the typewriter-style The tilt of the keyboard is adjustable. It comes in both wood and leather and has round keys which many people like.

It even comes with a cleaning brush. An hour of charging is said to last a month. When plugged in it does not need to be charged at all. It is a nice mix of classic looking while also being very user-friendly.

Areas For Improvement: It does not make the typewriter clicking despite its look. It is one of the pricier models. There have been some problems with the Bluetooth, and it is a heavier unit. The angle options aren’t as varied as some would like.

Special care has to be taken to clean it., which means it may be worth carrying around the cleaning brush if the keyboard is brought to different places. The keyboard needs to be set for either Mac or Windows which some people miss and leave uncalibrated.

Who This May Be Good For: People who are willing to put in the money and want a combination of a modern and a classic look with both the wood and the backlighting. People who are on the go may like the Bluetooth feature combined with the softer keystroke sounds.

Cherry MX Board Retro Look

Basics of Keyboard: This is the plain white keyboard most people remember when keyboards first came out. It is made by Cherry, which is a reliable brand overall.

What We Like: This vintage keyboard has a number of great features, to start it plugs in via USB so it is easy to use on more modern computers. It is made to withstand harsh environments, so it is high on my list as someone who enjoys writing outside.

This is furthered by it being dust and dirt resistant. It also has noise cancellation features that can help with the noise sometimes caused by the vintage keyboards. At 2.06 lbs this is one of the lighter keyboards. It is a full keyboard, with 104 keys.

Areas of Improvement: The stands at the bottom of the keyboard fall out easily. The plastic keys make it feel somewhat cheap. It is rather pricey, particularly assuming it uses these not as good of materials. It doesn’t have many of the “extras” that some of the other keyboards on this list have.

Who This May Be Good For: With the noise cancellation features this is one of the best keyboards made for office work in a shared office space. Having up to 50 million actuations before it wears out and the self-cleaning features suggest it can only be positive for people who share the keyboard with children, provided they will for something of this price.

YMDK Carbon Retro Mechanical Keyboard

Basics of Keyboard: These are retro keycaps that are put on a keyboard so that they can have a classic, video game feel. Another keyboard is required.

What We Like: This is much cheaper than the full keyboard. It includes different colors, giving it a more fun feel. It can be used with many standard keyboards that have different numbers of keys.

They have changed the color of certain keys in order to please customers, suggesting they put customers first. They are sturdy and dependable to the point where you can feel them while typing.

The keycaps are made out of durable PBT material. It is one of the cheapest models out there, not including the price of a necessary keyboard.

Areas of Improvement: It can’t be used with any keyboards with different sizes of spacebars. It does not include the actual keyboard. There are small rough spots in the casting process. The keyboard puller can be a bit tight.

They have a good deal of noise, though that can add to the feeling of an old keyboard. It requires a lot of work and patience to get the keycaps on.

Who This May Be Good For: People who work on their own (so no one will be bothered by the noise) who like cheap dependability and have a keyboard already.

Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Retro Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard

Basics of Keyboard: This keyboard has the look and feel of a typewriter, though it has some modern touches that make it worthwhile in this day and age.

What We Like: This is the most classic of a classic feel. Typewriters bring back years past even further than the other vintage keyboards but still manages to be modern with the hook-up to the tablet. It is made completely out of aluminum alloy which is both scratch-resistant and durable.

The return bar is programable to be able to do the regular enter key or things such as signatures and copy/paste. It can use Bluetooth to attach to up to three devices at once, meaning it is not limited to tablets but can even be used with computers.

Areas of Improvement: It is one of the most expensive options. It makes quite a bit of noise when typing. It requires batteries, but it does at least come with them. It weighs a lot, at 3.3 lbs. The scroll knobs are fixed, not actually scrolling, and the space bar feels cheaper than the rest of the keys.

Who This May Be Good For: If you like to have a tactile experience along with your typing and don’t mind the price or the noise this may be right for you.

Vortexgear Race 3 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

About This Keyboard: This is a full keyboard with a gaming view that works well enough to still be used for games.

What We Like: This is a very classic-looking gaming keyboard with retro feel. The multiple colors have almost a lego effect. The metal casing is aluminum and high quality. It has a detachable micro USB cable and is compatible with various systems, including Windows, OS, and Mac.

The keys are made primarily for accuracy and you can feel when it is pressed down all the way. It has a DSA profile. You can choose whether to have colorful keys or merely grey and white. It is light at 1.76 lbs. The keys are quiet.

Areas For Improvement: It is not backlit. The USB included is rather flimsy. Delete and escape keys are shaped differently so that they cannot be replaced with new keys. There is not a good support system after the keyboard is bought.

The F and J keys do not have bumps on them to let you know that you are resting on the proper keys. It only has 83 keys. It does not have some of the specialty features of other keyboards here.

Who This May Be Good For: This is good for gamers who want that classic look. It also requires some setup if you would like to change key color, so it would help if the buyer knew how to do that. In addition, it needs to be someone willing to keep the original keys, at least for the delete and escape key.

NACODEX AK510 Retro RGB Mechanical Keyboard

About This Keyboard: This is another classic gaming keyboard with a bit less color and a bit more speed possibility.

What We Like: This keyboard is white and gray and comes with three orange keycaps. The spacebar has the google dinosaur and 404 error printed on it. It is the standard 104 key layout. It is built for speed which makes it great for gaming.

It is known for letting multiple keys being pressed at once and registering all of them. The tool to replace the white and grey keys with the orange keys is included. It is cheaper than many of the options on this list.

Areas For Improvement: You can’t take off the dinosaur or error alert. It is wired. It can be seen as rather bulky. Sometimes the dinosaur isn’t an included image in every keyboard sent out, despite being in the pictures. It can take a bit of work to press the keys down till you have been using the keyboard a bit.

Who This May Be Good For: Gamers who are looking for a mix of speed and accuracy may find that this is the keyboard for them. It has a medium price, so it should be financially available to many people looking for a new keyboard.

RYMEK Typewriter Style Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard

About This Keyboard: This is another classic typewriter style, but it has some different likes than some of the ones in the past based on a unique key shape and other special features.

What We Like: This comes with a tablet stand and Bluetooth connection. It can be used either wired or wirelessly. It works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It has a backlight, and the blacklight comes with five different brightness levels.

The saddle-shaped keys are quite unique. You can pair up to three connections on Bluetooth at once. The scroll knobs actually work as an on-off switch and to turn the volume up and down of various media. It is sturdy enough to use on uneven services, unlike many Bluetooth keyboards.

Areas For Improvement: It can cause wrist and hand pain or stiffness with how flat it is. It is rather loud. Only some of the keys are backlit, and the colors and rather gaudy rather than classic. It is one of the more expensive options and can feel a bit cheaply made for the price. It is not practical to tote around at its weight and the way it sits.

Who This May Be Good For: If you are using the keyboard mostly at one place, where not many people are around but need it to connect to multiple devices through Bluetooth, this may be the keyboard for you.

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