How to Connect a Home Audio Subwoofer [GUIDE]

How to Connect a Home Audio Subwoofer

For people who love audio, there are few things more frustrating than a home audio system with weak sound. In the one place where there should be no restrictions on your audio system, you want to get the fullest, richest sound possible. Fortunately, getting that sound doesn’t have to mean remortgaging the house to buy … Read more

How To Place Bookshelf Speakers [EXPLAINED]

How To Place Position Bookshelf Speakers

In the realm of home speaker shopping, the choices come down to this: Tower (standing) or bookshelf models. If you are short on space, bookshelf models make the most sense, but here’s the ironic kicker: Despite their name, so-called “bookshelf” speakers really shouldn’t be placed on bookshelves or in other similar enclosures. No, to sound … Read more

Bookshelf vs Tower Speakers [Advantages / Disadvantages]

Bookshelf VS Tower Speakers

In the realm of home hi-fi, the selection of speakers comes down to two primary types: Bookshelf and tower. Essentially, bookshelf speakers, as their namesake suggests, sit on a table or stand and generally boast a square/rectangular shape; tower speakers (sometimes referred to as floor standing speakers) include special feet that allow them to sit … Read more

Amp vs. DAC vs. Sound Card [Explained]

Amp vs. DAC vs. Sound Card [Explained]

To people that are familiar with audio systems and their intricate workings, the terms Soundcard, DAC, and AMP are very commonly known. However, to people with less knowledge, these terms may sound like foreign concepts. Although these terms are related to one another, they have a variety of features that make each of them unique … Read more

How does an audio DAC work?

How does an audio DAC work

Whether you listen to music on a home stereo, a cellphone, or a computer or tablet, naturally you want to have the best sound possible but is that what you are really getting? Sadly, no, and that’s why you need to know about audio DAC (see our best picks) and how it works. Understanding Digital … Read more