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Any office worker can attest to the fact that sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate on the job due to various distractions like noise from co-workers. Team-work is always recommended, but there are times you need time alone to improve efficiency.

And even if you have a personal office, the thin walls might muffle the sound, but you might still get distracted. A lot of questions have been asked regarding what can be done to curb such a problem, especially for people working in open offices.

After a series of research, white noise has been found to be a viable solution. White noise is the sound produced when several different frequency sounds are merged.

Below is a review of some of the best noise-canceling accessories that you might consider any time you are out shopping for them.

OUR PICK: LectroFan White Noise Machine with 20 Sounds and Sleep Timer

What we like: More than 3,000 satisfied costumers at Amazon, Ease of use and adjustability, Non-looping, non-repeating sounds, Superior sound quality

Not so much: High volumes can cause distortion, Costly but less durable, Not enough white noise variations

Whether you are studying, working, or just relaxing, LectroFan High Fidelity sound machine can be used in any environment to control the sounds you hear.

The manufacturers understand that different people prefer different types of sounds and volumes. Hence, they packed 20 different sounds in the LectroFan High Fidelity sound device.

Of these 20 sounds, half are fan sound variations, and the other half are various variations of white noise. With this machine, you can try out all the different sound variations until you find the sound that perfectly suits the environment, and mood as well.

The LectroFan is entirely electric, meaning it doesn’t have a motor or any mobile parts within. Therefore, you experience a high-quality sound which is also digitally reproduced through a High Fidelity speaker.

In addition to that, it comes in a sleek, compact design, meaning you won’t have any trouble carrying it with you every time you relocate. Furthermore, it has an exquisite polish finish that blends into your office perfectly.

The only reason that can force one not to pick this sound machine is the variety of sounds, and it not having a high volume.

Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural Sound Machine

What we like: More than 5,000 satisfied costumers at Amazon, Quality white noise sound, Professional appearance suitable for office use, Low voltage

Not so much: Limited sound adjustment, Quite bulky, Not very durable

Considered one of the best sound machines in the market, the Marpac Dohm-DS All Natural Sound Machine has been consistent for quite some time now.

Many online reviewers have given it positive reviews due to its vibrant white noise that can block more sounds compared to other devices.

Unlike others that use digital recorders, the Marpac Dohm-DS uses an integrated fan that produces the sound of flowing air. It also features an adjustable acoustic casing that covers a two-speed motor.

The higher speed of the motor will create a different sound than the lower speed, and the sound will be louder as well. On the other hand, the lower speed consumes less power but does not compromise sound quality.

Besides quality sound, this sound machine also has an appealing finish, making it suitable for everywhere use, especially the office. However, it is quite bulky, meaning that you might find it hard to carry it all the time to and from your desk.

Unlike other sound devices that have multiple sounds, the Marpac only has the white noise. Hence, it has been perfected, and you might not get any other device that matches its white-noise quality.

HoMedics Relaxation Machine with 6 Nature Sounds, SS-2000G

What we like: Variety of uses, Uses either adapter or battery, Six preloaded sounds

Not so much: Poor sound compared to other sound devices, Sounds repeat and loop, Breaks down easily

For the past three decades, HoMedics has been dedicated to helping its clients create the perfect relaxation atmospheres.

One of their signature products, the HoMedics SoundSpa sound machine, has received a lot of positive reviews from many users, including office workers.

The HoMedics SoundSpa is effective at blocking out sounds whenever you need to relax or concentrate. Besides the white noise, it also comes loaded with thunder, rain, ocean, book, and summer night sounds.

It also has a knob to adjust the volume to the right limit, depending on how noisy the background is.

The HoMedics SoundSpa is also fitted with an auto-off timer which helps it preserve energy.

The off-timer can be set to 15, 30, or 60 minutes, depending on how long you think you will use it. Not forgetting, it is also lightweight and small, and it can even fit in your everyday bag for easy transportation.

For aesthetics, it has a silver finish and looks professional enough to be used in an office.

The amount of adjustments you can make on the HoMedics SoundSpa device is what gives it a high ranking. However, many users have also reported about the product getting frequent electric malfunctions, meaning it’s not quite durable.

Big Red Rooster BRRC107 Sound Machine

What we like: Seamless looping of sounds, Run all night or set timer, Compact and professional design

Not so much: Poor white noise sound, Low volume limits, Unrealistic sounds

Another viable sound cancellation machine for the typical office setting is the Big Red Rooster BRRC107 sound machine.

It also comes with six natural, high-quality sounds that include brook, rain, white noise, summer night, ocean, and thunder, all of which are very effective at canceling and masking background noises. Besides the office, it can also be used at home to help with sleep.

The BRRC107 sound machine also includes an optional sleep timer that can be set at 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It also features a portable design that allows for easy relocation, as well as a sleek silver finish to give it an exquisite look, as well as strengthen its lifespan.

This device is either powered by an AC adapter, or by 3 AA batteries, usually provided at the time of purchase. Therefore, even if there is a blackout, you can still use the device to cancel out noises and gain high concentration levels.

Big Red Rooster BRRC110 Premium Sound Machine, 10 Sounds

What we like: Has a loud quality sound, Realistic sounds, Allows one to set looping intervals

Not so much: Tends to break down faster, Very short loops, Some sounds rattle the speaker

Unlike the BRRC107 sound machine, the Big Red Rooster BRRC110 premium sound machine is more advanced and comes with extra features, but still gets the same job done.

The BRRC110 Premium sound comes with 10 quality natural sounds, namely; brook, thunder, ocean, summer night, white noise, heartbeat, songbird, rainforest, rain, and waterfall.

All these sounds are designed to quickly and efficiently mask any background noise, including even sudden loud noises. Apart from using it in the office, the BRRC110 Premium device can also be used if you want to fall asleep faster and have quality sleep.

It also has a timer that is optionally set at 15, 30, and 60-minute intervals, or you can let it play for as long as you wish.

This device’s dimensions are 3 X 6.70 X 2.80 inches, making it sizeable enough to carry around. It has a black finish to allow it to blend seamlessly into any environment, including a high traffic office without raising attention.

To power it, you need to connect it to an AC adapter. It also uses 3 AA batteries, so you can carry and use it whenever you visit a remote place without electricity.

Significance of White Noise Cancelling Machines in the Workplace

White noise machines have been found to be viable options for the office setting for a number of factors. For instance, instead of being just another distracting sound, it plays a background noise to muffle all the other sounds. Eventually, you will find yourself ignoring the sounds around you more, and your concentration on the primary task improves too.

Furthermore, white noise machines do not play the sound like regular songs, so your co-workers won’t hear it, and they won’t lose their concentration. In case anyone notices it, it won’t be a distraction to them.

With these machines, you enable a more significant part of your brain to stay active on essential matters. They are also appropriate since other noise reduction products like earplugs and headphones are not entirely suitable for an office environment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Noise Cancelling Machine for Office

It is critical to understand that as much as there are various noise canceling machines out there, not all of them are appropriate for an office setting. Some are great for yoga spaces, while some are effective in helping people catch some sleep at home. Consider the following factors to help you find the most appropriate machine for your workspace.


An office represents the image of the entire company, and all clients walking in need to have a positive impression to feel comfortable. For instance, a funnily shaped machine with suggestive graphics might not be appropriate, unless you have a personal office. Also, extravagant designs are mostly for marketing purposes, but the product itself might not be of the highest quality.

Sound Quality

The purpose of the machine is to create a soothing sound to mask all the others that keep you distracted. In this regard, you need to find a device that provides high-quality sound. For white noise sound-canceling machines, you might either choose the electric models, or acoustic sound machines.

Extra sound settings and volume adjustment

No one loves to purchase a different device for different moods. In this case, try buying a device that has various sounds, just in case you get tired of the white noise. Some machines have as many as six different tones. Furthermore, depending on your background noise levels, you will need to adjust the volume accordingly. Having a sound canceling device with only one preset will add to your frustrations rather than calm them.

Noise Muffling Ability

Last but not least, it is of utmost importance to ensure the device you purchase can play white, pink, red, or brown noises. Without this ability, the device will not be able to mask all the unwanted sounds effectively.


Though it goes without saying, the price is a significant factor in any purchase. Sound machines are fairly priced, but it is still necessary that you find a product whose cost of ownership you can afford. An expensive sound device might mean its durable, but it might not be to your liking.

Also, you might think you are saving a few bucks by buying a low priced item, only for it to get damaged sooner and force you with repairs and replacements.

So now you know what you should consider if you are to land the best noise cancellation device for your office.


All the sound devices mentioned above can perform the function that is to cancel out background noise in your office to allow you to concentrate better. But, in general, a noise-canceling machine for an office setting must possess some universal characteristics.

The looks should be appealing but should not rob you or your colleagues’ attention, it must have great sound, must be simple to use, and should be quite convenient.

In most cases, people will settle for a product just because it was the most affordable. While keeping to a budget is an excellent move, being too tight might see you end up with a standard sound device.

Such devices start malfunctioning much faster, and you might find yourself purchasing noise-canceling machines for the office more frequently. Eventually, you end up spending a lot more than you would if you had initially bought a durable sound machine.

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