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BIC America is a lesser-known brand but produces some of the best subwoofers available. You would be hard-pressed to find another subwoofer in the sub $300 price range that has equivalent sound quality, amplification power, and build excellence to the Bic Acoustech PL-200 II. This subwoofer is happy being paired with pretty much any popular main speakers released in the last few years.


  • Substantial peak power of 1000w, attractive and strong build, two front-facing bass ports


  • Not suitable for smaller rooms, No magnetic shielding, A little rattle when driven too hard

As mentioned earlier the most alluring thing about the design of the Bic Acoustech PL-200 II subwoofer is the double front-facing bass ports.

Let’s delve deeper into what this design feature actually means. Having two ports allows the air inside the cabinet to move more freely in and out of the unit.

This creates higher performance and a more present sound compared to a closed cabinet or single-port design. The cabinet of this speaker is quite large at 17.25” x 14.875” x 19.5” so it may not be suitable for smaller spaces.

It is built from MDF like most other speakers within its price range but has hand-rubbed lacquer on some surfaces in lieu of black laminate, providing a premium look.


The primary selling point for the sound of this subwoofer is its ability to be turned up very loud. There may be a little rattle in the cabinet at extreme volumes but never from the driver or ports.

It is more than capable of getting loud enough for any at-home purpose. The speaker also benefits from being driven hard, becoming more articulate and cleaning up the signal.

BIC America PL-200II Acoustech...

This subwoofer tapers off at 30hz but is barely noticeable for home theatre use. It has a lot of drive in the 50-70hz range so you can really feel its presence in your chest at high volumes and can rumble the floor and walls if that is what you’re after.


Dimensions – 17.25 x 14.875 x 19.5 in.
Driver – Heavy-duty 12″ poly-injected woofer with high power magnet and long excursion surround
Frequency Response – 21Hz – 200Hz (+/- 3db)
Built-in Amplifier Power – BASH Amplifier, 1000 watts Dynamic Peak Output, 250 watts RMS Continuous

BIC America PL-200II Acoustech...

BIC Acoustech PL 200 II vs Klipsch R-12SW

The Klipsch speaker is another strong competitor within a similar price range. However, it is more expensive by a significant enough degree with no benefits over the Bic Acoustech Pl 200 II to warrant the extra spend. You’ll get more out of your PL 200 II so unless you can get the Klipsch for an absolute steal or you want it to match aesthetically with the rest of the set-up we would recommend the BIC subwoofer.


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