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The Dayton Audio SUB-1500 is a subwoofer that will provide you with a no-frills but quality bass experience for a small budget. It is capable of reaching chest-thumping volumes and is perfectly suited for a medium-sized room. Its clarity can sometimes be lost at certain frequencies across its spectrum but, it is overall a good buy for the price you’d pay (under $200).


  • Cost-effective
  • Simple setup
  • Natural sound


  • A little “boomy”
  • Response rolls off at about 30hz
  • Can be a little muddy

This subwoofer can be a real room shaker when it needs to be and gives very little distortion even at high volumes.

Many other subwoofers in the same price range as the SUB-1500 change the quality of sound depending on how hard they are driven but this seems to be less noticeable with this sub.

The Dayton Audio SUB-1500 is quite a large unit at 21.6” x 20.7” x 21.6” and 54lb. There is a 15” driver and a down-firing bass port.

Having a larger driver than many competitors in the price range provides a particular type of rumble that you just don’t get from a smaller driver.

Its cabinet is pretty standard as it is built out of MDF with a laminate exterior.

One proud design feature of this subwoofer is the parameter dials which allow you to customize your listening experience making it more suitable for each album you choose to listen to.

There are also a lot of inputs for this sub including RCA LFE, RCA stereo, and 2x speaker in/out.


For the cost, this subwoofer provides an amazing listening experience. It has an RMS rating of 150w which is plenty for most home listeners but, if you really want to shake the room you might want to opt for something more powerful.

Dayton Audio SUB-1500 15' 150...

The quality of the sound could be better with a noticeable bit of boomy muddiness when at high volumes, the kind that makes low male voices in films a little harder to understand. Other than that, it is hard to fault the SUB-1500.


Dayton Audio SUB-1500 15' 150...

Dimensions – 21.6” x 20.7” x 21.6”.
Driver – 15” heavy-duty, long-throw woofer
Frequency Response – 23-140 Hz
Built-in Amplifier Power – 150W amplifier with selectable auto-on feature

Dayton Audio SUB-1500 vs BIC F12

Both of these speakers are a great budget buy with the same RMS power of 150w. It could be argued that the BIC F12 looks a little better with its golden driver but that all comes down to preference.

The driver is also smaller at 12” making it better suited to smaller rooms. The F12 offers a larger frequency response range at 25hz-200hz. Given the SUB-1500 is cheaper and more suited to a larger room, it could still be considered a superior buy depending on your needs.


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