SVS introduces 2000 Pro Series Subs

SVS introduces 2000 Pro Series Subs

Ohio based speaker manufacturers SVS have announced the introduction of a range of innovative subwoofer units to their already formidable catalog.

Comprised of 3 models, the PC-2000 pro ported cylinder, PB-2000 Pro ported cabinet and SB-2000 Pro sealed cabinet, the 2000 Pro Series brings audiophile quality sound to the marketplace at a consumer-friendly price point.

An impressive spec sheet promises 1,500+ watts of Peak Power, 56bit filtering, 16Hz to 290Hz frequency range in standard mode and 17Hz to 290Hz in sealed mode.

The SVS 2000 Pro Series offers up a 50mHz Analog Devices Audio DSP, brand new in house designed front-firing 12″ drivers and the highly regarded Sledge STA-550D amp to ensure reference level audio reproduction.

Connectivity options are important in the modern smart-home and SVS have designed the Pro Series with this in mind, bringing us their own proprietary subwoofer DSP application, which is available from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. App users will enjoy the ability to set custom presets, tri-band parametric EQ, crossover frequency adjustment and more.

The 2000 Pro Series subwoofers are available to purchase today from the SVS online store.