So, what is my pick? If I was only choosing a good boombox, this last one (the Naxa) would probably be my choice since it is the one with more similarities to an authentic boombox. But what I am looking for today is the loudest boombox, and after carefully considering every aspect of that task, I believe the best option to be the Altec Lansing ALP-XP850.

My decision was based on the overall boombox feel of this device and the maximum volume it can achieve without losing sound quality. I honestly believe that if you are looking for a good quality boombox which can play some loud tunes, then the Altec Lansing ALP-XP800 is definitely the one for you.

Our Pick: Altec Lansing ALP-XP850 Xpedition 8

Size: 27.9 x 15.3 x 12.7 inches
Weight: 25 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth, AUX
Wattage: 420 watts peak power
Power: DC, battery up to 12 hours
Special features: Multi-color LED lightshow, BEAST mode

What we like: Very loud, Waterproof, LED lightshow

Not so much: Cheaply built, A bit heavy, Price

This Bluetooth boombox from Altec Lansing is the loudest and largest on our list today! If you’re headed for the outdoor party this is the portable boombox option you should really check out!

The two 8″ woofers and three 1″ tweeters powered by 420W of peak power will practically blow you away! And to make the party even cooler you have an option of an LED light show that features 12 color combinations. The rough and durable design (water-proof and dirt-proof) makes it usable in all environments.

Runner-Up: JBL Boombox

Size: 254.5 x 495 x 195.5mm
Weight: 11.6 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Wattage: 40 watts on battery and 60 watts connected to the charger
Power: DC, battery up to 24 hours
Special features: Waterproof

What we like: Very good handling of deep bass sounds, 24-hour battery (varies by volume level and music content), Handle make it very easy to carry around

Not so much: Trebles and mids could be better, Buzzing noise reported by some users, Price

This JBL boombox is a very loud, very good one, and it has many things going for it. With a medium size and lightweight, the portability is pretty much assured.

It’s very versatile, giving you many ways to stream your music and very portable as well which is an absolute essential as far as boomboxes go. I would say I have almost no complaints about this one in particular, and who would, it got exactly what you need in modern-day boombox – Bluetooth connectivity, bassy punch and 24 hours battery!

PYLE Street Blaster PBMSPG100

Size: 12.2 x 12.2 x 26.8 inches
Weight: 20.9 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth; NFC; Mic input; guitar jack
Wattage: 500 W RMS
Power: DC power adaptor cable/lithium ion batteries
Special features: Pulsating lights

What we like: Sturdy design, Very loud amplifier, Rechargeable battery to use “on the go”

Not so much: The sound isn’t as clear as I would hope when in louder volumes, Drains a lot of battery fast when unplugged, especially on higher sound volumes, No radio

This boombox wins some portability due to the rechargeable batteries but immediately loses some of that portability by weighing 20 pounds.

It also comes with an attachable strap but has no handle, which limits your options as far as carrying it goes.

The sound quality could and should be better as well for a boombox this side. It is a nice cheaper option but doesn’t really play in the big league.

NYNE Portable Bluetooth Splash-Proof Speaker

Size: 21 x 9.8 x 6.5 inches
Weight: 10.1 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth; NFC;
Wattage: 65 W RMS
Power: Lithium batteries; outlet cord
Special features: Battery life indicator; Ability to connect with other identical boomboxes; splashproof

What we like: Resistance to the elements like water splashes and dust, Long battery life up to 10 hours, Built-in power bank

Not so much: Sounds unbalanced when used indoors, Little less bass response than average, Maximum volume could be higher

This one, known as “the rock” is a tough one. It is a very good Bluetooth speaker, the sound quality, especially outdoors is amazing and it really is resistant above average.

It has a great grip and feels to it and it’s definitely portable, not only due to its weight but also the gigantic battery life it provides, so the party can go on and on.

The only real problem it has is that it really should go higher in volume in order to comfortably sit at the table when I’m trying to figure out which one is the loudest boombox because that’s the objective of this article after all.

G-Project G-BOOM Boombox

Size: 11.8 x 4.9 x 10.2 inches
Weight: 3 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth; 3.5mm jack
Wattage: 18 W RMS
Power: Lithium batteries / AC power
Special features: Protective rubber; integrated handle

What we like: Very small and easy to carry, Great for indoor spaces, Clear sound

Not so much: Sound dissipates too quickly on the outside, No options to adjust the sound, meaning extra bass is the norm

Much like the last one, unfortunately, this doesn’t quite get there as far as loudness goes, which is a shame.

The audio quality is really good and it is the most portable one of them all, but the loudness is the main objective. It still has a nice 6-hour battery life and is pretty loud indoors but it isn’t an all-purpose boombox, it’s just your average house speaker.

If you are looking for a good, small, indoors boombox this is definitely the one you should go with, but if you are looking for the loudest boombox, skip this one.

Sony GTKXB7BC Audio System with Bluetooth

Size: 33 x 17.5 x 16.5 inches
Weight: About 27 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC, USB
Wattage: 470 RMS
Power: Ac power
Special features: Led Lighting

What we like: Excellent sound, absolutely zero complaints, Sturdy build, Can be used both vertically or horizontally, The extra bass and the ClearAudio+ features are the cherries on top of a great cake

Not so much: Way too heavy to carry around
No rechargeable batteries, Sony’s app (Songpal) causes trouble when connecting to certain devices

This one really puts the “boom” in the boombox, it is loud, no doubt about that, seriously, you’ll be waking up neighbors in other continents!

That being said, it’s not really portable unless you have a vehicle with an AC adaptor.

It really has and has to be plugged in, which is a shame since it probably has the best sound quality from all the boomboxes featured in this article.

NAXA Electronics MP3/CD Bass Reflex Boombox and PA System with Bluetooth

Size: 26 x 8.3 x 8.9 inches
Weight: 16.4 pounds
Connectivity: Bluetooth; USB; Mic input; guitar jack; Am/Fm radio, CD player
Wattage: 60 W RMS
Power: Batteries; AC/DC power cord
Special features: Many sound modes; led lights

What we like: Authentic boombox feeling, This boombox has almost any kind of input you could want except tapes (but who uses them anyway right?), The sound is really good (depending on the sound mode you’re on)

Not so much: Build feels a little cheap, Some problems reading the first seconds of CDs for some odd reason, Big dimensions that make it harder to carry it around (although it does make up for it with a not so heavyweight)

This one is what someone could call an authentic boombox. If you talk to someone about boomboxes, this is what they’ll be picturing in their mind: a simple design, multiple inputs, radio connection, heavy and loud.

That being said it still has some problems, mainly the loudness which is surpassed by some of the other boomboxes I talked about in this article.

Things to Watch Out When Looking for Boomboxes?

Boombox style

This is obviously only a minor factor to consider and it won’t play a part in making a boombox louder or more reliable, but the style still plays its role.

Being the icon that it is in the music business, the boombox is easily recognized in its classical form, but nowadays, if you want to, you can find uniquely shaped and very interestingly designed boomboxes in the market.

My advice is for you to go with your gut and choose the one you find attractive and suits your personality.

Boombox portability

When talking about boombox portability we are obviously never considering if it fits in your pocket or not, but how heavy it is, how comfortable the handle is if it has a strap to carry in the back or not.

If the handles have a good grip that certainly helps the portability as well. Boomboxes will never replace an iPod or the cellphone in terms of portability, but they certainly will always win in terms of projection power.

Power requirement

Almost all boomboxes come with an AC charger you can connect to your wall outlet, some come with batteries as well. To use a boombox outside, where there aren’t any outlets, you should also inform yourself about the battery specifications, more specifically, battery life.

The ideal battery life for an outdoor boombox is above 5 hours.

Boombox sound quality

Back in the day, the sound quality couldn’t be assured in a portable device like a boombox. But nowadays, after years of technological advances, many modern boomboxes provide very good sound quality both indoors and outdoors.

The best way for you to determine which boombox can be the loudest whilst maintaining sound quality is to pay attention to the wattage and sound boosting capability.

To put it in very simple terms, more wattage equals more maximum volume. The part about maintaining quality is harder to qualify from manufacturer data, but most customer reviews give you a good idea about that data in particular.

Some bonus features you might want your boombox to have are:

Station memory pre-sets

From all the boomboxes that are able to capture AM/FM radio waves, some might allow you to save the frequency in your pre-sets list so it will be easier to tune in later. It is a good bonus feature on any boombox.

Digital AM/FM tuner

Again, this is a nice bonus feature that would allow you to quickly and precisely tune in on your desired station, and enjoy higher quality audio. A digital tuner can be more precise because you can go one by one every available frequency without skipping a single one.

CD player

Although this feature gets more and more outdated with each passing year, the ability to play a CD on a boombox was the natural evolution from the tapes they played back in the day, and those with a more sentimental connection to the past (or proud owners of a big CD collection) might still appreciate this feature.

Bluetooth connectivity

This is one of the main alternatives to radio and CDs, allowing you to connect a cellphone or other device with Bluetooth to the boombox and stream whatever songs are playing there without any cable. It is a much simpler solution than carrying around bags of CDs or tapes.

USB connectivity

The most modern Boomboxes usually include a USB port so you can plug a flash drive into it and listen to your favorite songs without the need for any other external device like in the case of the Bluetooth connectivity.

Again, the features you find important might not be the ones I’ll be concentrating on in the reviews, so, a boombox I find not be good enough to be the loudest boombox, might still be a great one for any other thing.

Keeping all this in mind, here are some of my suggestions for some of the loudest boomboxes you can get right now.