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The Edifier S1000DB is a great pair of good-sounding and good-looking speakers for a variety of applications delivering great lows and crisps highs – one of the best bookshelf speakers in their price range.


  • The lows are round and sound very real.
  • They look like more pricey speakers.
  • Wide variety of connections available.
  • Powerful and punchy.


  • At maximum volume, lows get muddy
  • Highs can be too crisp when used with the TV
  • No Wi-Fi streaming option

Enclosure Type: MDF covered with wooden vinyl. Special angled shape for enhanced acoustics
Drivers: 5.5 inch
Tweeters: Titanium dome 1 inch
Nominal Impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity per input: AUX: 700 ± 50mV – PC: 900 ± 50mV – OPT, COX: 350 mFFs ± 50 mFFs
Amplifier Power Per Channel: RMS 35W×2 (Mid-range and bass) + 25W×2 (Treble) = 120W
Weight: 18lbs
Dimensions (HxWxD): 11.5in x 7.9in x 13.3in

Unboxing the Edifiers S1000DB is quite an experience because of their size; you get the feeling you bought these big, luxurious Hi-Fi equipment. I have to say that the matte finish, the wood vinyl, and the angled design make these speakers very smart to install in a nice room in your house. Due to the number of possible connections, the separate power and EQ they are great for a number of applications. The name of the series is Audiophile and I agree to it; they work wonders with my turntable and sound system.

The control remote is also very handy and useful when you have them, for example, connected to more than one source. I found it great to switch from the record player to my phone´s Spotify turning on the Bluetooth without touching the actual speakers. Adjusting the volume for each is a great feature too.

Build and Compatibility

The build quality of these speakers is considerably better than those of the competition. As you unbox them you realize just how heavy and sturdy they are. Besides the sturdiness, they are very good-looking and can sit in virtually any bookshelf even in the classiest room. Even the awkwardness of having the controls in the back is easily solved by the very useful remote control. Finally, the three-band EQ for each of them is really handy to solve any kind of difference in the sound generated by the position of the speaker.

I really liked the fact that they are active and passive speakers because you can use them with a power amp (such as the one driving my entire sound system) or straight to a non-amped source. These speakers are among the most versatile I have seen yet in their price range with optical, coaxial, Auxiliary and PC inputs. The 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity also works great, the only thing I missed was the Wi-Fi streaming capability of other speakers.


Well, after making all the connections, removing some books and placing them on a bookshelf I decided to treat the audiophile in me and test them. I sit in my comfy armchair and played some vinyl records through them with great results. They are quite a loud pair and you definitely have to get to the peak of volume to have any kind of muddy lows and mids. I enjoyed very much the way they sound especially in the bass frequencies; it actually feels as if you would have a sub-woofer plugged in as well. I tried them with their own power and as passive speakers and both connections worked flawlessly except at really high volume.

The next turn was the computer so I installed them next to my laptop and opened up a gaming session to see how they could handle gaming sounds. Besides being really loud, they were absolutely percussive and accurate. Racing, shooting and all kinds of games sounded great through them. The extra bass response of the angled design really shines through in this environment.

Finally, I decided to throw some movies at it and see how they handled them. It played The Avengers to see how it handled action and had some great results for its price range. The highs were crisp, maybe too much and the mids (natural to human voices) were a little lost in the bass frequency but overall sounded really good.

Check out this video on how they sound against its bigger brother, the S2000DB.

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