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This is a small subwoofer and as such the Polk Audio PSW10 is perfect for filling out the low-end frequencies in small spaces such as bedrooms and studio apartments. This budget sub still has enough volume to be capable of being used in a moderately sized living room and therefore can be paired with a modest home theatre or hi-fi system.


  • Compact
  • Well priced
  • Two-tone design


  • The bass port can be noisy at high volume
  • 50w RMS a little small for big rooms
  • Narrow crossover range

The PSW10 cabinet is built from MDF wood with laminate sides with the front of the cabinet coming in a sleek silver or black painted front.

This makes them stand out a little from the competition but can also come across a little tacky depending on your taste.

They have a forward-facing bass port that looks good and provides a clear listening experience but this makes it harder to use the acoustic resonance of walls to boost the bass response in the room.

This is a slight problem given that the volume of this sub is a little low compared to the competition.


Polk Audio PSW10 10' Powered...

The PSW10 gets to as low as 35hz on the frequency spectrum which isn’t as low as some competitors but is impressive for a compact unit. This speaker sounds clear and precise at low to moderate volumes and will pad out the lower frequencies that your top speakers are lacking, but this sub cannot be driven too hard.

At high volumes, there can be a tendency for the bass port to vibrate a little too much. This causes noise from inside the cabinet. Therefore, this subwoofer is best suited for listeners that are not after a wall-shaking experience but want precise clean bass tones for their home theatre or hi-fi.


Polk Audio PSW10 10' Powered...

Dimensions – 14” x 14.38” x 16.12”.
Driver – 10” polymer-composite dynamic-balance cone driver
Frequency Response – 35-200 Hz
Built-in Amplifier Power – 50W

Polk Audio PSW10 vs PSW108

These subwoofers are very similar in appearance as their cabinets are built the same and both have a forward-facing bass port. They are constructed of MDF and laminate.

They also have the same frequency response range and power amplification. These speakers are for all intents and purposes identical. The only apparent difference is a slight size difference within 1/16”.

If you have heard of or used one or the other than and like the way it sounds you will be happy with your purchase of the other model.


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