Eternal Arts DP MkII DAC: CD-Player with USB-DAC

Eternal Arts DP MkII DAC: CD-Player with USB-DAC

If you are among the type of person who recognizes an advance in technology but still keeps classic objects and refuses to let CDs die, Eternal Arts give you the solution.

The new CD DP MkII DAC has been equipped with a DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) function so that external digital sources can also enjoy the tube output stage.

The new model offers solid, simple construction and great finishes that make every time you see the product you want to turn it on. If we investigate a little more in technical aspects, we can highlight that it has coaxial and optical digital inputs, as well as a USB-B port for PC and a very remarkable element, is the use of a Burr-Brown PCM 1796 converter chip for CD playback and a Wolfson WM 8805 for external sources

All these characteristics make the DP MkII DAC model one of the benchmarks in the market for its great qualities and functionalities. Its price rises to approximately $ 2,180; a not very cheap price for everyone but very correct for those who are looking for a high-end product and do not want to be disappointed in their purchase.

To sum up, for those who think “the classics will never die” I can only recommend this product. This model adds to comfort and ease for those who want to digitize music but don’t forget all those CDs that were bought one day.