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The Audioengine B1 is the wireless Bluetooth DAC that everyone has been waiting for.


  • Easy setup
  • Build quality is solid w/compact design
  • Audio stream is stutter free and goes uninterrupted
  • Up-sampled 24-bit audio output is high quality
  • Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • No DSD

Inputs: Bluetooth
Outputs: Stereo analog RCA, Digital optical (SPDIF)
Max Sampling Rate: 24-bit – 192KHz
Dimensions: 4″ x 1″ x 3.5″

Design and Compatibility

When I first gazed at this receiver the very first thing that stuck out was its antenna on the front. It’s not only there for aesthetic flair though because it does serve a functional purpose. The antenna also makes it unique because most Bluetooth receivers aren’t equipped with this feature at all.

The B1 is quite small but has a sleek appearance. The chassis of the device has a grey, brushed metal appearance while the plates on the front and back where the input/output and controls can be found are either black or dark gray. The power button found on the front of the receiver also doubles as a LED indicator. The AE logo which can be seen just above the power button is painted in soft white color and gives it a futuristic look.

It is compatible with most Bluetooth devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Pairing it with any device is quick and easy. When I paired it with my iPhone 7 Plus it was able to connect with the B1 in about 5 seconds which I thought was pretty sweet!

Audioengine B1 HiFi Bluetooth...

Sound Quality

I found that having the receiver at least 25 feet away from the sound source produced the best audio quality, but with its Bluetooth range capable of performing at up to 100 feet it is still able to deliver some impressive sounds with almost no interruptions or hiccups at farther ranges.

To test this I had my iPhone placed in a room that was about 30 feet away from the B1 with two closed doors and the sound quality was impressive with no stutters. I tried to see if it would fail, and to my surprise, it performed like a champ!



At under $200 the Audioengine B1 is not exactly budget-friendly, but it is worth the price because of its performance. It has become one of my favorite DACs on the market and is highly recommended for audiophiles who are looking for topnotch sound quality.

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