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Even though it’s a bit pricey, this gaming DAC / Sound card/ Headphone Amp provides amazing audio quality for both PCs and consoles.


  • Works with both Windows and consoles
  • Sound quality is topnotch.
  • Setting it up is easy.


  • Lacks adapters for outlets on walls.
  • Price is not budget-friendly.
  • Cables are short.

Inputs: 1 x 1/8″/3.55 mm Line/TOSLINK Input combo jack
Outputs ; 1 x 1/8″/3.55 mm Line/TOSLINK Output combo jack
Max Sampling Rate: 192 kHz
DSD: Yes
Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.8 x 0.9″

Build and Design

The G6 is the same size as a deck of cards and is a surprisingly nondescript external soundcard. The microphone and headphone inputs can be found right at one end of the device flanking its volume dial. The other end of the box is where the optical input and output ports along with the USB port are located. These ports are what allow the G6 to work with consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – however, if you’re only using the PC then you ignore these ports.

On the left side of the box is where you can find most of its indicator lights and controls. You can toggle the G6’s surround profile on and off with the SBX button. The audio is heightened for gaming by default and it comes packed with deep bass, better high end, and an expanded sound stage. Using the desktop software lets you change the profile that the device’s button triggers. The other button lets you toggle with the box’s secret weapon: Scout Mode. It boosts environmental sounds and cues such as weapons handling and enemy movement within games.

Sound BlasterX G6 Hi-Res 130dB...

The third button lets users toggle between high and low-gain headphones. Most gaming headphones should work fine in the “L” position since they’re low impedance, but high impedance headphones are also supported. Remember to use the “H” setting only if you are 100% certain that the headphones you’re using are 160 ohms or greater. If you are unsure then it’s best to stick on the “L” setting.


As soon as you start using the G6 the audio boost will immediately be noticeable, especially with the aforementioned Scout Mode feature. Being able to hear ambient noises in the game such as footsteps helps add a lot to the entire gaming experience. Being able to hear enemy voices and footsteps adds plenty of tactical advantages and allows you to plot a course of action as you hide from enemies.

Toggling the SBX mode only helped make the experience even better. It really feels like a surround system had just been installed between your ears. Algorithms are used to add more spatial enhancements which helps simulate a much wider sound stage.

Trying to replicate the audio experience of having multiple speakers in a room is no easy feat, but Creative Soundlabs tried to simulate it with the G6 and the results were impressive, to say the least. Gunshots, enemy footsteps, voices, and other environmental sounds could be heard clearly and it helped us know where they were coming from.


The SoundblasterX G6 is not exactly a cheap gaming DAC and its short cables may make it a bit difficult to use with your TV’s optical input, but if a superior audio boost in your gaming experience is what you’re looking for it’s something that’s worth looking into.

I had fun using the G6 to enhance my gaming experience and recommend it to other gamers who are looking to boost their sound quality their gaming experience as well. But for other purposes, you might want to look at DACs we reviewed.


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