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This under $200 DAC can literally fit in the palm of your hand, is USB-powered and can take the sound of your computer to a whole new level. Despite not being 32-bits it is a great asset to take around with you in your laptop´s bag. The built-in headphones amp lets you listen with your hi-fi headphones at a great volume without losing definition at all.


  • Small, portable design
  • Made of metal, not plastic.
  • Optical input with improved sound quality.
  • Built-in headphones amp.


  • It works with 24-bits instead of 32.
  • No MQA or DSD compatibility.

Inputs: USB, Optical
Outputs: 3.5mm, RCA
Max Sampling Rate: 24-bit – 192Khz
Dimensions (HxWxD): 25.4mm x 88.9mm x 101.6mm

Build and Compatibility

The build quality is great for the size; it is as portable as it gets. It requires a USB connection to the computer or the wall to function so it is portable, but not for the pocket. The compatibility is broader than most with the possibility of receiving information through the optical and the USB connections (192 and 92Khz respectively).

The RCA for powered speakers or a power amp is great if you want to connect your computer to the old power amp of your Hi-Fi sound system.

The build quality seems quite sturdy; maybe it is a detail for most, but when I hear that connections click at the end, I feel they will last for a long time. I also love the fact that it is made of metal because I usually drop my DAC into my bag and use it in cafés for my headphones.

The built-in headphones amp is a great asset for those of us who like high-end audio equipment and a decent, loud sound.

Audioengine D1 32-bit Portable...


Speaking of sound, I think this is the department that it shines the most at. This little device can turn the generic DAC in your computer and turn it into a great-sounding Hi-Fi device. I often use my computer for gaming and there are few things as immersive as using this DAC with my Sennheiser Momentum and shooting the afternoon away. This DAC sounds great in most situations but is not as defined as other 32-bit DACs you can find for a very similar price tag.


This DAC is, by all means, a great addition that will sound much better than your average computer. If you are an audiophile and want to improve the sound of your gear carrying a small device around this is a great choice. It is just not as defined as some of the competition with 32-bit of the sample rate.

Hear the Audioengine D1 in action.

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