Proster USB DAC DSD64 Review – Take Your Hi-Fi Sound Wherever You Go

Proster USB DAC DSD64 Review [Take Your Hi-Fi Sound Wherever You Go]


If what you look for in a headphone amp that can also work as a DAC (under $50) and transform the sound of your cellphone into a great-sounding Hi-Fi powerhouse, then this might be it. On the other hand, if you want a DAC to use at home with your computer and plug your power amp through RCA for streaming straight from Spotify with a decent sound, then you are in the wrong path. Although it makes a little noise at high volumes and has an annoying big volume knob for the pockets, it is a great cellphone sound enhancer.


  • Compatible with 500Ohms headphones
  • Supports DSD formats
  • Gain switch to accommodate hi-end headphones


  • No RCA outputs
  • Can be noisy with hi-end headphones
  • Volume is not balanced

Inputs: OTG, 3.5mm
Outputs: 3.5mm
Max Sampling Rate: 24-bit – 192Khz
DSD: Yes
Dimensions (HxWxD): 0.8 inches x 4.8 inches x 7.6 inches

Build and Compatibility

In the build-quality department, have to say that it has a plus and a con. The plus is that it is sturdy, made of aluminum and not plastic. The con is that it has a big volume knob that is not recessed and it becomes annoying every time you put your hands in your pocket.

In the compatibility department, things change a little. I take it as if it was designed for street use on batteries and not home use (although the company insists that you can use it with powered speakers). The lack of RCA outputs makes it not as versatile as most other devices in the market.

I love the fact they included an OTG for cellphone use and that it is completely plug and play.

Proster USB DAC DSD64...


There are a few features that allow this gadget to improve the audio quality of your music when coming from the cellphone or computer:

  • You can now plug true hi-end headphones and listen to music properly.
  • The included DAC is 24-bit 192Khz, making music more real and transparent than ever.
  • Comes with a built-in headphone amp with variable gain stages, making sure your headphones sound at its best.
  • Reads DSD formats which are the best for music listening purposes.

The combination of all of these factors, make the resulting sound much better than the one you would have just plugging headphones to your cellphone/computer. The only con I found in this department is that when I put it really loud, I can hear some noises only hi-end equipment can get (but wasn´t that what they built this for?).


Despite the noises you get at high volume and the kind of annoying large non-recessed volume knob, it is a great addition to your sound on the go. Plugging your phone to a portable, battery-operated DAC like this for a long trip on a bus can make it a great sonic experience.

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