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The Sonos Amp (AMPG1US1BLK) is the best sounding Sonos amplifier released so far when you compare it to the Zoneplayer 100 or the Connect:Amp.

The Sonos Amp still offers the streaming capabilities you would expect from a Sonos product and can be paired with any quality hi-fi speakers but is especially suited for use with the Sonos Beam soundbar for home theatre or music listening. It is a very high quality stereo amplifier but there is some stiff competition in its price bracket.



  • No high-resolution capabilities
  • slightly too intense dynamic shifting

The Sonos Amp is more suited for use in a custom setup than its predecessors. One reason for this is that it is stackable, meaning that the units can be placed on top of one another with speaker cables running to other places in the house or used with their wifi or ethernet capabilities.

The Amp is only available in black with three buttons at the front of the unit. One of these buttons serves the purpose of a play/pause button while the other two serve multiple purposes.

There is no internal fan inside the Amp but is designed to bring in air from underneath and out the top of the unit. This can cause the Amp to run a little hot sometimes.

Specs & Features

Sonos Amp - The Versatile...

Power 2 x 125W
Inputs – HDMI, analogue RCA
Outputs – dedicated subwoofer RCA, Wired speaker L/R terminals
Wireless – Apple AirPlay 2
Dimensions (hwd) 2.36 x 8.66 x 8.66 inches

Wireless Sonos speakers can be used to create a surround sound system and can be powered by more than one Sonos Amp if the units are stacked. Doing this will allows the use of ‘trueplay’ which automatically tunes the sound to your particular room to enhance the listening experience.


You can find a video review of the Sonos Amp here

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