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Rega - Brio - Integrated Amp -...
  • Brand New Case Design
  • Re-Designed Circuit
  • Headphone Socket
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 345mm x 216mm x 78mm

The design of the new Rega Brio seems to be a bit of a throwback to the models of the ’90s with a front panel that is swooped much like those older models were. The front of the unit is simple and has the headphone output, volume knob, the on/off button, and LED markers for the input selection.

It is about 5 kg and is sturdy with its 2 part aluminum casing. The signal path is incredibly clear and silent with the circuitry upgrades from the previous model leading to a more pleasing overall quality.

There are 2 power supplies in the Rega Brio. The smaller of the two for the phone stage and the preamp. The larger power supply is for the power amplification section.


Rega - Brio - Integrated Amp -...

It is hard to fault the sound from the Rega Brio it has an awesome sense fo agility and timing coupled with some truly punchy dynamics. You won’t miss out on any small details in your listening when using this amplifier either.

This under $1000 integrated amplifier is more forgiving with pairing than its predecessors. This is due to its heartier sound meaning the treble is less overpowering and more balanced when paired with speakers that have a particular sonic signature.

Specs & Features

RMS Power: 50W @8ohms
Inputs: 4x Line level RCA, 1x MM phono
Outputs: 1×6.3mm headphone,1x record out, 1x speaker terminal set
Remote control: Yes
Dimensions (hwd): 8 x 22 x 35cm
Weight: 5kg

There are definitely enough inputs in the Raga Brio but they are all analog so you may need to check you have the right connections for the hi-fi equipment that you plan to pair with it.

Cambridge CXA60 vs Rega Brio

Both of these amplifiers provide a high-quality sound and have great build quality but look very different so you may find one to suit your decor more than the other. The Rega Brio may just pinch it in terms of sound but the Cambridge unit has many more input types including options for digital use including optical and coaxial. The CXA60 also has the option to add-on Bluetooth.

Rega Brio vs Cyrus One

These are similarly sized and shaped units and both only use analog inputs the Cyrus one does have an extra set of speaker terminals for switching which is lacking in the Brio.


You can find a video review of this integrated amplifier here.

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