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Denon has a long history of incorporating new technologies as well as producing high-quality products ranging from CD players to integrated amplifiers. The PMA 800 NE is the latest offering that comes in under $1000. It looks like a piece of classic component hi-fi equipment but comes with many modern features such as a phono stage that accepts both MM and MC cartridges.


  • Built-in DAC
  • “Analog mode”
  • Not picky with pairing


  • Cheap feeling binding posts

This integrated amp is a classicly sized wide design with a number of controls on the front of the unit including input selection, volume, bass, treble, balance, speaker selection, cartridge selection, analog mode, and source direct.

Having all of these functions available on the front of the unit makes it easy to use and it looks great too.

The sound from this Denon amplifier is reasonably neutral yet defined and leaning to the warm side of the tonal spectrum.

The soundstage is wide and welcoming and you can really get lost within your listening.

You can expect to experience sparkling highs and a present midrange accompanied by a thunderous low end.

Specs & Features

Denon PMA-800NE Stereo...

RMS power @8ohms – 50w
Inputs: 3x Line level RCA, 1x MM&MC phono 1x line level record through, 3x optical, 1x coaxial, 1x IR control
Outputs: 1x 6.3mm headphone,1x record out, 2x speaker terminal sets, 1x IR control
Remote control: Yes

The PMA-800NE has a couple of awesome features one of which is a built-in DAC for your digital listening. To accompany this, the amp also has the option to use an analog mode that bypasses the DAC and the digital inputs for a truly analog listening experience. This amplifier also comes with a well-equipped remote that controls every parameter available.

Denon PMA-800NE vs Onkyo 9150

Both of these units are well equipped (see integrated amplifiers from Onkyo and Denon compared) and have a fantastic sound quality and would really come down to a personal preference of the sound that you like best. The Denon amplifier does have a more powerful output at 50w RMS @8ohms when compared to the Onkyo which has 30w RMS @8ohms.

Both of the amplifiers are plenty powerful for most settings but you may need the extra power if you have a particularly large listening space. The DAC in the Denon unit also has PCA high-resolution audio playback which missing from the Onkyo 9150 so if this is an important feature for you, you may want to opt for a PMA-800NE over the 9150.


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