There is a new game-changer when it comes to home speakers thanks to Q Acoustics New Shelf Speaker Q Acoustics 3030i.

Q Acoustics highlights their new slim-line speaker design with versatile mounting options with their New Shelf Speaker Q Acoustics 3030i. With its shelf or stand options, this speaker is accessible to fit without any issues in your space. Not only is this speaker versatile in where you can put it, but it also comes in a variety of colors – Graphite Grey, English Walnut, Carbon Black or Arctic White.

A chrome bezel finish completes the professional and clean look. And, all speakers come with magnetic speaker grilles to not only give you the best sound but a solid aesthetic.

The New Shelf Speaker Q Acoustics 3030i seriously surpassed exceptions of both quality and presentation by allowing 25% more volume to project compared to older version 3020i (see review) – that is a lot more bass.

And we know it is all about the music, so Q Acoustics made sure to make all other systems in the speaker as quiet as a mouse by using P2P™ bracing.

Q Acoustics was created by only professional businessmen and audio industry veterans and experts. Their goal was to create a versatile and inclusive brand of successfully crafted speakers. And their success shows by having the New Shelf Speaker Q Acoustics 3030i win positive reviews on Expert Reviews and respected awards on – be sure to check out our review of under $300 bookshelf speakers.

So to create the success they did with the New Shelf Speaker Q Acoustics 3030i, Q Acoustics collaborated with the best team of designers possible in facilities that could attribute the most advanced designs.

Just remember you do not have to be an elaborate music lover or professional musician to enjoy these speakers. Q Acoustics made sure to make a quality product at an affordable price. Available now on sale at Amazon.