Best 27-Inch Monitors Under $200

Best 27-Inch Monitors Under $200 [Gaming, curved and really cheap options]

As a gamer myself, I need my monitors to offer me the best possible output and crystal-clear image at all times. Any lag or distortion in the picture quality is completely unacceptable for me. This is why I have put together this guide to share my findings with everyone else who is looking for the best 27-inch monitor under $200 for their desktop.

The winner of this competition is undoubtedly a brilliant HP-27f-FHD. This incomparable beast offers the best contrast ratio and response time and can easily compete with expensive LEDs that may cost more than $500. Let’s dive into the reviews and see what other options are available.

27-Inch Monitors Under $200 We Recommend

HP-27f-FHD: Our Pick for 27-Inch Monitor Under $200

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Panel Type: IPS LED
Inputs: 2 x HDMI, 1 X VGA
Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000:1
Response Time: 5 milliseconds
Viewing Angles: 178 degrees

What we like: The ultra-wide angles and the AMD FreeSync Adaptive-Sync Technology offers a truly amazing and immersive gaming experience. Gamers can enjoy lag-free and noise-free image quality at all times.

Not so much: Limited number of HDMI ports

If you are looking for a monitor with a sharp and crystal-clear image, this is truly the best 27″ monitor under $200. HP Widescreen IPS LED monitor is here to save the day and offer you FHD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Moreover, you also get to enjoy a 75-hertz refresh rate for a lag-free viewing experience. The 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio further enhances the crispiness of the image, and you can see everything in amazing detail.

This LED is designed for ultra-wide viewing angles, and you can enjoy your favorite games or movies without any issues. If you love watching content in a 16:9 aspect ratio, this is simply the most compatible option for that. You will get to enjoy 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angles and stunning IPS quality.

The response rate is 5 milliseconds that will further eliminate any lags, and the AMD FreeSync Adaptive-Sync Technology will help with frame stabilization and continual high-quality picture for gaming and videos.

Really Cheap: Sceptre E275W-19203R 27″ Ultra-Thin Monitor

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Panel Type: LED
Inputs: 2 x HDMI, 1 X VGA
Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000:1
Response Time: 5 milliseconds
Viewing Angles: 178 degrees

What we like: This monitor has a refresh rate of 75 Hz. This ensures that your video-watching experience and gaming experience stays uninterrupted.

Not so much: The screen may bleed at times. There are limited ports and the built-in speakers are cheap.

If you are looking for an ultra-slim LED monitor for your home or office, this is a brilliant and the most inexpensive option on the market. This monitor not only offers an FHD display but also consumes the least amount of space on your desk. The stand and the frame itself are designed to be ultra-thin, and the monitor is also lightweight.

This budget 27″ monitor also comes with built-in speakers. However, the speakers do not deliver the best output and will bleed on high volumes. However, the monitor comes with AMD FreeSync, and you can play any game without having to suffer through horrible frame lags. It supports vertical sync as well for a brilliant frame-to-frame transition.

The VESA mount pattern also helps with an easy placement on your desk or the wall. The number of ports is limited on the back, but you can easily convert an HDMI port into a DVI with a simple connector.

Samsung CF398 27-Inch: Curved Under $200 Monitor

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Panel Type: LED
Inputs: 2 x HDMI, 1 X VGA
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Response Time: 4 milliseconds
Viewing Angles: 178 degrees

What we like: This monitor comes with the industry-standard 1800R Screen Curvature and a 4ms response rate that is ideal for ultra-wide angles and immersive experience.

Not so much: The sharpness levels are not adjustable and the low contrast ratio is also a negative element of this monitor.

If you are into curved monitors and you wanna spend less than $200 – this one is perfect for you. This is a brilliant monitor from Samsung with 1800R screen curvature for the ultimate gaming and movie-watching experience.

The screen also offers a 1080p resolution for a crispy image. It comes with a refresh rate of 60 hertz that ensures minimum lags in the display. The screen will not get blurry during fast-moving scenes, and you will not miss anything.

With the help of AMD FreeSync, you can enjoy your favorite video games with a smooth image and frame stabilization. This technology will sync the frame rate with the refresh rate and offer a lag-free gaming experience. The response time is also 4 milliseconds, and this ensures that you never miss a single frame while playing your favorite video games.

The monitor also comes with an eye saver mode (see more of this kind of monitors) that minimizes the impact on your eyes. The eco-saving mode consumes lesser energy while simultaneously offering a high-quality image at your fingertips.

Gaming Option: ASUS VG275Q 27-Inch Monitor

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Panel Type: LED
Inputs: 2 x HDMI, 1 x Display Port, 1 x DVI
Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000:1
Response Time: 1 millisecond
Viewing Angles: 178 degrees

What we like: This budget 27″ monitor has the latest ASUS game fast input technology and 1ms response rate that is perfect for a tear-free gaming experience.

Not so much: Glare issues and the built-in speakers will bleed on high volumes.

This is our gaming 27″ monitor under $200 option, and there are several reasons for that. The monitor comes with a 1ms response rate and 75-hertz refresh rate that are easily visible during your gaming experience. Moreover, the LED is designed to be compatible with AMD GPUs for a tear-free gaming experience.

Additionally, the monitor has ASUS Eye Care technology to prevent any bad impact on eyes after long hours of gaming in the dark. The ASUS fast game input technology ensures that there is no lag between your console and the monitor. The color accuracy is also highly adjustable, and you can create several profiles depending upon your preferences.

The multiple ports also allow you to connect all your consoles, PCs, or other devices at the same time without requiring you to change the connection continuously. The speakers, however, may not be that great, but you can use external speakers for the best possible gaming experience.

Dell SE2719H 27″

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
Panel Type: LED-backlit LCD
Inputs: 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 5 – 8 milliseconds
Viewing Angles: 178 degrees

What we like: Our recommendation if HP-27f-FHD is unavailable. Robust and solid design and the screen is easy on the eyes.

Not so much: It has a low contrast ratio and a limited number of ports.

This is a pretty good option in the market if you are not that crazy about having the best response time for your video games. However, you still get to enjoy a Full HD display with 1080p resolution and 60-hertz refresh rate. The LED-Backlit LCD also offers crisp image quality for gaming and video watching.

The 178 degrees viewing angles ensure that you can see a crisp quality image from all angles. It comes with an in-plane switch technology for a better viewing experience. The frame is also solid and sleek in terms of design and offers sturdy construction without taking up too much space.

You can also easily tilt the monitor to get your favorite viewing angle. The integrated cable management removes the clutter from your desk and offers a clean experience. The monitor has Dell’s ComfortView feature for a quick adjustment to reduce the impact on your eyes. The flicker-free and anti-glare technology further help with adjustments and makes this perfect for long hours of work or low-light environments.

Acer CB272 27″ IPS

What we like: We liked the zero frame design display and the ergonomic tilt style that allows you to utilize the entire screen for unique gaming and video-watching experience.

Not so much: The screen can get too dark at times.

This budget 27″ monitor (see more IPS monitors under $200) is pretty easy to set up, and you do not have to do anything other than plug and play. The low response time of 1 millisecond offers a fast frame-to-frame transition rate, and you can enjoy a crisp and lag-free video experience. This is also a good option for those who want the best possible response time for their video gaming time.

The screen offers a high refresh rate of 75 hertz with AMD Radeon Free Sync. This takes care of any lags and offers the option for vertical sync with game frames. The adjustable height is also designed to be ergonomic and offer quick adjustment for a better viewing experience.

The zero frame design lets you utilize the entire screen. What’s even better is that this monitor comes with eye care protection technologies and offers BlueLightShield, ComfyView, Flicker-less, and Low Dimming Technology. This way, you can spend hours in front of this screen without incurring any headaches or eyesight problems.

AOC 27B2H 27″ Monitor Under $200

What we like: This monitor has flicker-free technology that will give you outstanding gaming experience with high contrast ratio.

Not so much: Stand is not removable

If you want a cheap monitor that is good for poor eyesight, this monitor is just for you. It comes with AOC low Blue mode and flicker-free technology to offer the best viewing experience without harming your eyes. The slim bezel also ensures wide viewing angles, and you can enjoy crispy-clear quality without any problems.

The monitor also offers 100% in sRGB color gamut coverage, and you can enjoy any image in detail. The flexible mounting options make this monitor perfect for desks and for walls. The 3-sided frameless design comes with an ultra-slim profile to offer you a clean and streamlined look.

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