Onkyo vs Marantz [A Comparison of AV Receivers]

Onkyo vs Marantz compared

Onkyo and Marantz both manufacturing quality HiFi equipment including some pretty awesome receivers. As with any mid-tier gear, there are some features that make certain products stand out from others as well as downfalls so we have compiled a comparison between Onkyo and Marantz to help define these differences. Also, see these other comparisons Onkyo vs … Read more

Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands [Create an acoustic difference]

Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands -- Product Reviews

My philosophy on bookshelf speaker stands is; well-placed speakers on well-placed stands have a very impactful, positive change in acoustics. As a side note, bookshelf speaker stands are called bookshelf stands because they serve to accommodate the smaller sized speakers which can be placed on things like bookshelves or desktops. Before we dive in, the … Read more

Best Video Conferencing Monitors [Webcam, mic and speakers ready]

Best Video Conferencing Monitors

Thanks to tech companies that are vigorously innovating their products to better meet the demands, I was relieved to see some of the recent monitors that hit the market in 2020, to solve my own video conferencing dilemmas during quarantine times. Here is a list of six monitors that I would recommend for video conferencing. … Read more

Best Monitors for Eye-Strain [Eye care monitors]

Best computer Monitors for Eye-Strain eyes

If you use a desktop computer as much as I do, whether it’s a dedicated games machine, a work computer, or a home system, you’ll know all about eye strain. A recent study published in a leading Optometry journal revealed that up to 90% of VDU users (visual display unit) experience unpleasant symptoms.1 These can range … Read more

Best Monitors for Reading [Text, Documents & Blueprints]

Best Monitors for Reading Text, Documents Blueprints

If cutting back on screen time is not an ideal solution, to further minimize the negative effects of eye strain (see some of the best monitors for eye strain), you can obtain a monitor that is ergonomically and technologically designed for close reading and long-term use. We looked at six of the best monitors for … Read more